Valorant Player Count – How Many People Play Valorant?

Here's the most recent Valorant player count as of April, 2021.

Valorant, a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter, has quickly emerged as the most popular game since its beta release, thanks to its perfect combination of skills and weapons. Witnessing the popularity of the game you must be wondering about its active players. To know the Valorant player count continue reading.

Valorant Player Count

Though there is no data on the actual number, the Valorant player count recorded 3 million a day for the first two months of its beta release. That’s a huge accomplishment for any game maker.

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Unfortunately, it was only for a short time, and the game later experienced a significant decrease in numbers of players while maintaining an average base. Riot Games used to reveal player counts earlier when the figures looked pretty good, but given the fall in the count, developers have stayed silent on the current situation.

Valorant Player Count – 2021

As previously noted, Riot Games stated in an official Tweet that a whopping 3 million players played the game every day throughout the two months of beta release. The game enjoyed its fair share of fame with such massive player base as well as 1.7 million viewership on Twitch.

Valorant Twitch Viewership

When it comes to Twitch viewership, the game has successfully maintained huge viewership of 1.7 million last year. In recent months, the Valorant viewership count on Twitch surpassed 210K.

Valoran: Dead Or Rising?

Despite the dip in Valorant player base, the game is still going high, ranking among the top ten games on Twitch. The game has impressive engagement statistics, implying that it is not yet dead.


  • Presently, game’s player count is unknown.
  • With Valorant using a proprietary launcher, cracking active number of playerd via third-party website isn’t possible.
  • Since 2020, no new player statistics have been revealed.

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That’s all we have currently on Valorant player count. We will keep you posted as soon as we get our hands on more information.