Valorant India servers launched? THIS is how gamers reacted

Here's how Indian gamers have reacted to Valorant India servers.

Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most popular free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video games right now. Developed and Published by Riot Games, it was released for PC on June 2, 2020.

There is big news for Valorant Indian players as its India servers are almost up and multiple popular Gamers have already shared their experience on social media.

Speaking about Valorant India Servers, Sukamal Pegu of Riot Games had earlier promised that it would be hitting the country by the end of 2020. Look like Riot Games has fulfilled their promise a lot earlier than their schedule as Valorant India Server is partially up right now.

Here’s Gamers Reacted To Valorant India Severs


There have been rumours stating that Riot Games were setting up Valorants servers throughout the world including Mumbai. So, it is not all that surprising that the servers are up and players are finally getting a latency number below 50.

If anything to go by the reaction of Indian Gamers, they can’s seem to have enough of the latency number that they are currently facing in their Valorant games. Even the popular streamer named Bitrus Gaming had streamed gameplay of the new servers and you can actually see in the below pictures how low the pings are.

Valorant Indian Server

However, the Valorant’s India Servers have not come completely yet as it is still in the testing mode. They are yet to announce it officially as they actually it is going to take some time to roll out on a permanent basis.

The only reason why Riot Games has decided to roll out Valorant Servers in India is that Indian Players had been playing on the SEA servers and they did not have a fun time in the shoot with more than 100 Ping.

Image Source: SportsKeeda

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