USA Today Crossword Puzzle Answers – 16th March 2022

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All USA Today Crossword Puzzle Answers

Here are all the answers to the USA Today Crossword Puzzle on 16th March 2022.


USA Today Crossword Puzzle Answers

USA Today Crossword – Across

No. Hints Answers
1 Be Prepared singer in The Lion King SCAR
2 Tangy cabbage dish SLAW
3 Vends SELLS
4 Leaning tower city PISA
5 Greeting in Spanish HOLA
6 To no ___ (fruitlessly) AVAIL
7 Where some artists sell their goods online ETSYSHOPS
8 I’ll handle this LETME
9 Crispy pizza part CRUST
10 Succumbs to gravity SAGS
11 Number of years in a decade TEN
12 Homophone of some SUM
13 Flying Over Sunset drug LSD
14 Feathery accessory BOA
15 Wheels up stat ETD
16 Place to boogie board SEA
17 Shy TIMID
18 Female zebra MARE
19 Charming SUAVE
20 More achy SORER
21 Romantic room in The Bachelorette FANTASYSUITE
22 Marshmallow chicks that were recreated on Gourmet Makes PEEPS
23 Three grand ___ (term that includes borscht and tom yum) SOUPS
24 Billboards e.g. ADS
25 Room with a skylight ATRIUM
26 Playground game TAG
27 Place to get stuck RUT
28 Rage IRE
29 Fishing pole ROD
30 Place for a shinguard LEG
31 The S of STEM (Abbr.) SCI
32 Really urgent DIRE
33 Join forces UNITE
34 Floor Is ___ LAVA
35 Time of year with increased sales BUSYSEASON
36 List-ending abbreviation ETAL
37 Cross the threshold ENTER
38 Tart-tasting SOUR
40 Does some stitching SEWS
41 Poker payment ANTE


USA Today Crossword – Down

No. Hints Answers
1 Design deets SPECS
2 Yuzu or grapefruit e.g. CITRUS
3 Jump to conclusions ASSUME
4 Sunbeams RAYS
5 Quiet! SHH
6 Bathroom in London LOO
7 Matterhorn’s mountain range ALPS
8 Spicy sushi condiment WASABI
9 Pico de gallo e.g. SALSA
10 Killing ___ (Sandra Oh show) EVE
11 Designs made with steamed milk LATTEART
12 Plant in a 2-Down grove LIMETREE
13 Like a Slim Jim SLENDER
14 Missouri city for short STL
15 Are You There ___? It’s Me Margaret. GOD
16 Piece of sports trivia STAT
17 Opera star DIVA
18 Quickly! ASAP
19 Soccer star Lionel MESSI
20 Like a fresh cake MOIST
21 . . . better left ___ UNSAID
22 How’s it goin’? SUP
23 Holi or Diwali e.g. FESTIVAL
24 The Y in FYI YOUR
25 Japan’s national sport SUMO
26 Chimichurri herb PARSLEY
27 Teach EDUCATE
28 Blackfeet Nation e.g. TRIBE
29 Old TV episodes RERUNS
30 Community actress Brie ALISON
31 2017 Kaluuya horror film GETOUT
32 Owed DUE
33 Hip-hop or freak folk GENRE
34 East in Spanish ESTE
35 Rocket-launching org. NASA
36 Y’all means ___ (rhyming campaign) ALL
37 Tree with flexible wood YEW
38 Grads-to-be (Abbr.) SRS

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