How To Get CODM Urban Tracker In 2022?

It is still possible to get Urban Tracker in CODM

Call of Duty: Mobile features many unique characters that players have grown quite fond of. The Urban Tracker is one such character that was introduced to CODM during the Season 4 Disavowed Battle Pass. Since then, players have had the opportunity to get the character through CODM events. However, players that missed out on this opportunity must be wondering if there is a way to still acquire the fan favorite character. The answer to that question is yes. It is still possible to get Urban Tracker in CODM.

Urban Tracker In CODM


Urban Tracker has previously been available in CODM through events like the Counterattack and Finding Urban Tracker. However, currently players can not get Urban Tracker in this way. So, is there a way to get Urban Tracker? Yes, players can still get the character through the Ground Forces Subscription in CODM.

Urban Tracker COD M

This is the only way to get Urban Tracker in the game right now. If players do not want to spend money buying the special Battle pass, they can wait for an event that offers Urban Tracker as a reward. The price of the Ground Forces Subscription in CoD Mobile is INR 849. For players interested in getting the pass, the details are listed below.


How To Get A Ground Forces Subscription?

Unfortunately, the Ground Forces Subscription is only available in selected regions at the moment. Players that have access to it can simply go and purchase it in the game with CP. The Subscription is eventually going to be rolled out for everyone. It is costlier that the standard battle pass bundle but will include all the battle pass rewards and some additional benefits. Players opting to get the Ground Forces Subscription will also get the Manta Ray (Urban Explorer), HBRa3 (Systematic Beat), 10% additional player XP earn rate, 10% additional weapon XP earn rate, and 50% off an X10 Crate Pull (3 times a month).

This is all that players need to know about getting the Urban Tracker in CODM. For similar Call of Duty: Mobile content, see How To Complete CODM Season 2?