How To Unlock Igniter BR Class In COD Mobile Season 8

Here's how to unlock the Igniter BR Class in Call of Duty: Mobile Train to Nowhere season.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game that often introduces new content to keep its players engaged. With the arrival of the new COD: Mobile Season 8, players are anticipating the addition of a new Igniter BR Class. This is a Defense class and all players can unlock it for themselves in the game. If players are curious to learn more, they can go through this guide to understand how to get the new class.

How To Obtain The Igniter BR Class In CODM Season 8?


Players can currently get the Igniter defense class through the CODM Season 8 Train To Nowhere battle pass. To unlock the Igniter class, players will have to level up their Battle Pass to Tier 14. This can be done with the free pass that players obtain in the game. Players do not need to obtain the premium battle pass to get the Igniter BR class. Players just need to complete daily challenges and event missions to get enough battle pass XP.

However, if players do not have enough patience to unlock each tier, they can also spend 2000 credits to unlock a tier of the battle pass. It does mean that players will end up spending a lot of credits to unlock the Igniter class. This class is perfect for players that favor a more defensive gameplay style.

The Igniter BR Class has abilities like the Tinder Bag and Defense. While the Tinder Bag continuously spews tar, the Defense ability reduces the explosive damage and the impact of the negative statuses.


From these abilities, players can gather that the Igniter class would be quite useful in the game.  That’s everything players need to know about unlocking the Igniter BR class in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8. For more CODM guides, check out COD Mobile: How To Get 90 FPS?