How To Unlock Crime Brands In Path To Nowhere

Here is what you need to do to get and unlock crime brands in Path to Nowhere.

Crime brands work like a booster that you can equip. And they will improve or upgrade your sinner’s stats such as health, attack, and so on. For now, there are more than 500 crime brands. Some bands are even capable of defending you by lessening the damage done by your enemy. It is always the best option to equip one of these fragments while battling strong enemies. And here is how you unlock crime brands or crime bands in Path to Nowhere.

How to Get or Unlock Path to Nowhere Crime Brands

Unlock Path To Nowhere Crimebrands

It is not hard to acquire crime brands. The difficult part is that you can only equip them when you reach level 40 or higher. This level is also considered phase 2 of the game. The easiest and fastest way to get these brands are by logging in daily and collecting task rewards. Another way is to play the game regularly and acquire them on a mission.
These crime brands can be upgraded to level 10 at the most as of now. And it has to be upgraded separately for all the characters, which makes it even harder for the players. So you can choose to focus on one character at a time and work on their brands. You can set buff by equipping 2 to 3 of these brands at a time, which will give you an upper hand on your enemy.
When you reach phase 3 of the game and level 70 or higher you will be able to get exclusive crime brands. These brands cannot be found in daily rewards and are different for every character. Langley has an Exclusive Traitor crime brand. And Kelvin has an Exclusive Betray Thyself crime brand.

This is all you need to know to get and unlock crime brands in Path to Nowhere. If this article helped you then go ahead and check out our other gaming articles on Games Adda.