University Empire Tycoon: Ultimate Beginners Guide And Tips

Go through the tips before you start your journey in University Empire Tycoon!

University Empire Tycoon is one of the several tycoon games developed by Codigame. You can figure out from the name itself, the game is all about building a university from scratch. If you have just started playing this game then University Empire Tycoon beginners guide and tips will help you level up in the game faster.

University Empire Tycoon Beginners Guide

University Empire Tycoon starts where you are a head of a small minor college. Now you have to collect points and expand your campus in the game. This is a long yet time consuming process that requires a lot of patience and practice.

Collect every resource that will help you build your university in the game. If you are bored trying and you feel you are going too slow in the game. Check out these University Empire Tycoon Beginners tips guide to help you move faster in the game.

Use Money Multiplier to multiple  Your Income

University Empire Tycoon Beginner's Guide

There are two sources of money in the University Empire Tycoon.

1) Tuition Fees

2) Grants

The first thing you can do to earn more tuition fees in the University Empire Tycoon is by start building more departments. Improve all the departments as well as the gym, canteen and other areas in the campus to attract more students. More students will help you earn more tuition fees in the game.

The grants are not in your hands. It depends on your total income in the game. There is a Money Multiplier in the game which can be activated for several minutes which will double the money which you earn during that particular time. You can activate it from the menu option or you can simply watch ads and can activate it for a longer time.

Earning money and expanding the campus can be the best and most important beginner’s tip in the University Empire tycoon.

Explore and Establish New departments

University Empire Tycoon Beginner's Guide

The first in-built department in the university is Philosophy Department. All the other different departments you have to establish by furnishing and improving their condition in the game. Reach every possible area on the game, repair it. This will help you to expand and level up in the game.

Furnish your campus, classrooms, gardens, canteens in a way students will love it and would love to spend more of their time here. More students more profit!

Take A Break

University Empire Tycoon Beginner's Guide

Take small breaks while playing the University Empire Tycoon, this will help you to accumulate a good amount of cash in the game. When you take a break the cash coins will keep depositing into your account. You can start off with building a new facility with this chunk of money as you resume.

Also, a pro tip that you should not miss is as soon as you resume in the game make sure you switch on the Double Reward Button in the age. It will double the amount you will claim when you resume.

Don’t Waste Your Gems

University Empire Tycoon Beginner's Guide

As soon as you start the game you get a free bundle of gems in University Empire Tycoon. These gems are very hard to get or earn otherwise. Whenever you build a new building or facility in the game it takes a couple of hours. To speed up the construction process you have an option to spend your gems and get it built within few minutes. It does save your time we agree but it isn’t worth spending.

Try and save your gems to recruit good professors for your university. Good Professors are very important for any universities image. You can also buy a teacher’s super pack from the in-game shop using these gems.

Look For Bonus Money

University Empire Tycoon Beginner's Guide

You will constantly need a lot of money in the game to expand your campus. How about getting some bonus money? Yes, you can get bonus money in University Empire Tycoon by enrolling your students in different compositions in the game. Choose the students having the best grades from different departments and let them participate in different compositions.

Be ready to receive a nice cash prize when students from your university win the competition. You can use this money where ever you want in the game to expand your campus.

That’s all about the top 5 tips for beginners in University Empire Tycoon. Check out another article on F1 Clash: Ultimate Beginners Guide and Tips.