2022: Twitch Earning Leaderboard Revealed

Here's everything you need to know about Twitchearnings. com

Ever since the leak of popular Twitch Streamers’ earnings leaked on the internet, a lot of users across the world have been searching for a site, For the unversed, Twitch has been one of the most popular and loved platforms for gamers throughout the world.

The recent Twitch leak has raised numerous questions on the security of the streaming platform. If you are here to know everything about and what the recent Twitch leak was all about then you are in the perfect place. The only reason for writing a post on Twitchearnings. com website is to clear people’s confusion over the Twitch leak that had left everything in a deep shock.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is

Twitch — which is considered one of the biggest streaming platforms — has become the victim of a huge leak of some of its most confidential files, including the details of popular Twitch Streamer’s earnings. According to the recent Twitch leak, a popular Streamer can earn up to $5 million a year by playing video games online on Twitch.

The reason why the traffic of increased significantly is this is a site that presents the Twitch Earnings Leaderboard that provides how much money top Twitch Streamers are paid. Besides their earnings, the leak revealed sensitive information like streamers’ passwords and previous versions of the site. For the uninformed, the leak took place on October 6th, 2021.

Who Is The Highest Paid Twitch Streamer?

The leak which was first surfaced on 4chan spread on all social media platforms like a wildfire. There are numerous sites that compiled a list of all popular Twitch Streamers and their earnings. Notably, the leaked amount does not include the money Streamer earns through donations, sponsorships, or merch sales.

If anything to go by the leak, it is CriticalRole who topped the list of highest-paid Twitch Streamers. The leak reveals that CriticalRole made $9.6 million in the last two years. If you want to know the earning of other Twitch streamers like Asmongold, xQc, and others then keep reading this post.

Highest Paid Twitch Streamers List

Here’s a list of the top 20 Twitch Streamers and the amount of money that have earned since September 2019. Notably, the amount mentioned below is revealed in the recent leak.

Twitch Streamer  Earnings since Sep 2019 
Critical Role $9,626,712.16
xQc $8,454,427.17
Summit1g $5,847,541.17
Tfue $5,295,582.44
NICKMERCS $5,096,642.12
Ludwig $3,290,777.55
TimTheTatman $3,290,133.32
Altoar $3,053,839.94
Auronplay $3,053,341.54
Lirik $2,984,653.70
__unknown__ $2,863,780.63
Gaules $2,844,985.18
HasanAbi $2,810,480.11
Asmongold $2,551,618.73
Tyler1 $2,490,584.90
RanbooLive $2,401,021.84
MontanaBlack88 $2,391,369.58
ibai $2,314,485.53
Castro_1021 $2,311,021.81
MOONMOON $2,236,043.55

Top Twitch Streamers And Their Monthy Payout

If you want to know the monthly payout of popular Twitch Streamer then you must check out the following list. The following list reveals the name of top Twitch Streamers and the amount of money they have earned in the month of September this year.

How Fans Reacted On

There are tons of fans who visited Twitchearnings. com website to see the payouts of popular Twitch streamers but many requested users to visit rather than Twitchearnings. com. The website seems to have been taken down either by Google or the developer of the site as it is not showing on Google.

The reason why fans urge to visit Twitchpayouts. com is this website has a very user-friendly interface. Once you are on the site, you will be shown a complete list of Twitch Streamers along with their earnings and user IDs. The website also has a search option that can be used to find the earning of your favorite Twitch streamer.

That’s everything you need to know about Twitchearnings. com.