Tribes Of Midgard: How to Survive Day 15

Be Careful! Every move you make counts, and Every single day is important.

Tribes Of Midgard is a Survival Multiplayer Action RPG video game. This game is developed by Norsfell and is only available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The Tribes Of Midgard game is full of Action and Adventure, the player has to play the role of being the Defender of his village and fight against the Hordes of invaders who are very Deadly Spirits and Gigantic Brutes. These Spirits and Brutes Attack the village every night and try to Destroy the Sacred Tree, the Seed of Yggdrasil which you have to protect at any cost. In order to protect the village and the sacred tree, you have to survive anyhow and make sure that the Defenses are standing and are upgraded. This is not an easy task to do by yourself, so that’s why we’re here to help with our Tribes Of Midgard Guide.



Want To Survive Day 15 in Tribes Of Midgard?

In Tribes Of Midgard, Day 14 and Day 15 both are very difficult to Survive. Here’s how you can survive Day 15 with the help of our guide.

  • Every move you make counts and Every single day is important. You should start working hard from the very first day. And for doing that you’re going to need obviously the first starter pack known as Common Crafter. This starter pack will give you a full set of Armor and a Sword. They will help you fight the Spirits, Brutes and also get things very quickly including the Souls from the Chests. After getting enough souls you should update your village sword to Level 2. This will give you enough power to defend yourself and the village for Day 2-3 even without the wall.
  • As days will pass by it’ll become very difficult for the player to Survive and Defend the village by themselves. That’s why they should be ready for day 15 by continuously building their defenses like Archer Towers and Walls. For building these they will need materials too often. For these materials, they will have to clear and build new areas, especially Quarry and Lumberyard. These two areas are right around the village, which will come in their great help to Generate materials. Quarry area gives materials like Raw Iron, Chiseled Stone and Lumberyard area helps with the Wood to build Planks and many more things. After building these two areas the players don’t have to worry about collecting or generating materials. These areas will generate them in Every 10 minutes automatically.
  • After building Quarry and Lumberyard the player needs to take those materials and start working on their village’s defense by building Archer Towers and Gates. If the players want to survive Day 15, then they have to keep upgrading the Gates and Walls continuously until they reach their Max level. Upgrading Gates and Walls will help you hold the Hordes for a while by invading the village. In meantime the player can rush from Gate to Gate and keep finishing the group of hordes one by one. NOTE: Don’t forget to close the gates whenever you open them.
  • A large amount of Souls will be required to upgrade the Gates and Walls. That can obtained by clearing the Enemy’s camps. Players can locate these camps with the help of thier Map. Clearing the camps will get them some Souls but they’ll only find a large number of Souls in Treasure Chests.
  • The player can only get a large number of Souls only from the Treasure Chests. These chests are only found in the enemy’s camps. After getting a large amount of souls the player’s need to keep preparing for the Winter. In order to get through Day 14 and 15 players defenses should be upgraded to their max. Then only they stand a chance of surviving it.
  • Try to use weapons with Lighting Damage, it is highly recommended to use that. Because lighting is the one of the Weaknesses of the Hordes. The players will have to keep upgrading their Armorer and the Blacksmith in order to gain access to the lighting weapons and many more items.


Just keep these steps in mind and you’ll be able to survive the Day 15 in Tribes of Midgard without facing a lot of troubles, but there will be troubles for sure. Just be ready to face them in a systematic manner with the help of this Tribes of Midgard Guide. For better understandings and to make a proper strategy you can also check out the Tribes of Midgard Classes Tier list.


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