Tribes of Midgard Armor Sets Guide: All Armor Sets & Crafting Materials

Here is a guide for armor sets in Tribes of Midgard.

The Tribes of Midgard is based on Nordic mythology and it’s an Action-survival RPG game to save the Yggradisil seed from getting destroyed. Tribes of Midgard is famous for its mysteries and runes and different challenges. To complete or to unlock different levels in the Tribes of Midgard you will need a set of armor.

You can get these armor sets crafted from a person called ‘Borghid‘ in the village. Gather all the requisite materials depending upon which set of armors you want to be created and head over to Borghid.

Here Are All Tribes of Midgard Armor Sets:

Armor Set- Tribes of Midgard

Villager Set (Common):

The Villager Set gives a basic defense against all the elements in the Tribes of Midgard. You can get a set of armor from Borghid in the village. He is a Tailor by his profession. All you have to do is gather some Leather and Wood and bring it to Borghid and he will craft armor for you.

Villager Set (Common) Type  Defense  Crafting Material
Villager Cap Helmet 3 1 Leather
Villager Tunic Chest 6 2 Leather
Villager Wraps Gloves 1 2 Leather
Villager Pants Pants 4 2 Leather
Villager Shoes Shoes 3 2 Leather
Villager Shield Shield 22 2 Leather

Raider Set (Uncommon):

Borghid will only help you to craft R S of armor. All you need for this set of armor is Leather, Silver, and Wood. This set comes with standard defense against elements.

Raider Set (Uncommon) Type  Defense 
Raider Helmet Helmet 6
Raider Cuirasse Chest 9
Raider Armguards Gloves 4
Raider Pants Pants 7
Raider Boots Boots 2
Raider Shield Shield 25

Hersir Set (Uncommon):

To craft, this set of armor, you will need to gathers all the Leather, Wood, and Small Bones. Hersir’s set of armor also provides standard defense against different elements in the Tribes of Midgard.

Hersir Set (Uncommon) Type  Defense 
Hersir Helmet Helmet 4
Hersir Surcoat Chest 7
Hersir Armguards Gloves 3
Hersir Pants Pants 6
Hersir Boots Boots 4
Hersir Shield Shield 27

Nornir Set (Rare):

Borghid will craft this set of armor for you using Yarn, Wood, Evening Rowan Drops, and Linnorm Spike. Nornir Set of armor provides you with effective impact against different elements.

Nornir Set (Rare) Type  Defense 
Nornir Hood Helmet 41
Nornir Coat Chest 80
Nornir Gloves Gloves 21
Nornir Pants Pants 63
Nornir Boots Boots 32
Nornir Shield Shield 310

Feral Set (Rare):

Gather all the Yarn, Silver, and Boar Bristle and give it to Borghid. And he will make Feral set armor for you.

Feral Set (Rare) Type 
Feral Mane Helmet
Feral Rags Chest
Feral Mits Gloves
Feral Pants Pants
Feral Boots Boots
Feral Shield Shield

Utgard’s Set (Epic):

Borghid will need oiled leather, Starlit seaweed, Unfrozen talisman, and Aquamarine to craft Utgard’s Set of armors. This set of armor is the most effective one. It’s highly effective against Ice but a little weak when it comes to Fire, dark, or thunder.

Utgard’s Set (Epic) Type  Defense 
Utgard’s Helmet Helmet 58
Utgard’s Plackart Chest 118
Utgard’s Gauntlets Gloves 28
Utgard’s Pants Pants 88
Utgard’s Boots Boots 48
Utgard’s Ward Shield 118

Gullveig’s Set (Epic):

You can get this set crafted from Borghid in the village using Oiled Leather, Obsidian, Bernnalfar Amber, and Garnet. It’s the most effective armor set against Fire but weak against the dark, ice, and thunder.

Gullveig’s Set (Epic) Type  Defense 
Gullveig’s Helmet Helmet 60
Gullveig’s Heart Chest 120
Gullveig’s Gloves Gloves 30
Gullveig’s Pants Pants 90
Gullveig’s Boots Boots 50
Gullveig’s Guard Shield 320

Seidr’s Set (Epic):

Get this set from Borghid the Tailer by gathering Yarn, Midnight Drew Essence, and Helsing Ring. It is highly effective against the dark but looks weak when it comes to Ice, Fire, and thunder.

Seidr’s Set (Epic) Type 
Seidr’s Veil Helmet
Seidr’s Mantle Chest
Seidr’s Gauntlets Gloves
Seidr’s Pants Pants
Seidr’s Sandals Boots
Seidr’s Shield Shield

Fornjot’s Set (Legendary):

Craft Fornjót Set armor using Spun Yarn, Sapphire, Piece of Geirroor’s Jaw, and Golden Horn. Turns out to be an extremely effective armor set against Ice but weak against fire, dark, Thunder.

Fornjot’s Set (Legendary) Type  Defense 
Fornjot’s Helm Helmet 78
Fornjot’s Chestplate Chest 168
Fornjot’s Gauntlets Gloves 38
Fornjot’s Greaves Pants 128
Fornjot’s Boots Boots 68
Fornjot’s Ward Shield 375

Baldr’s Set (Legendary):

Borghid will craft this set of armor for you by gathering Spun Yarn, Gold, Shard of Jarnsaxa’s Brooch, and Golden Horn. Again it’s extremely effective armor set against thunder and weak against Fire, Ice, and dark.

Baldr’s Set (Legendary) Type 
Baldr’s Helm Helmet
Baldr’s Chestplate Chest
Baldr’s Gauntlets Gloves
Baldr’s Greaves Pants
Baldr’s Sabatons Boots
Baldr’s Bulwark Shield

Fenrir’s Set (Legendary):

It’s been available since season 1 and has a high defense against all the was added in the Tribes of Midgard as the Post-launch content.

Fenrir’s Set (Legendary) Type  Defense 
Fenrir’s Mane Helmet 18
Fenrir’s Pelage Chest 30
Fenrir’s Claws Gloves 10
Fenrir’s Hinds Pants 25
Fenrir’s Paws Boots 12
Fenrir’s Bark Shield 45

That’s all about armor sets in Tribes of Midgard. Want to know about The Saga Mode and Survival Mode in tribes of Midgard, Then check this article out.