How To Obtain Trade Tokens In Clash Royale

Find out how to get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is a free-to-play strategy game developed by Supercell that came out in 2016. The game combines elements from popular gaming genres like collectible cards, tower defense, and MMORPG. In the game, players can trade cards with other players from their clan or the Trader. However, players will need to have the Clash Royale Trade Tokens for this. Let us discuss how players can get these Tokens in the game.

Clash Royale: How To Get Trade Tokens?

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Players can get Trade Tokens by participating in Challenges, purchasing them when they are available in the Shop, and as a Trophy Road reward. There are four types of Trader Tokens available in Clash Royale distinguished by their Rarity.

Players must be King Level 8 or higher to trade using these tokens. Otherwise, the token will just collect with no way to use them. Lastly, players can hold 10 tokens of a single rarity at a given time. In case players get additional tokens, they will be converted to Gold depending on the Token’s rarity.

How To Use Trader Tokens In Clash Royale?

Players can either use Trader Tokens with their Clanmates or with the Trader NPC. To trade with Clanmates, players can enter the Trade Screen from the Trade menu. Players can simply press the Request Card option to start a trade. In order to trade, players will need a Trade Token. Players must keep in mind that they can only use Trade Tokens of the same rarity to trade in Clash Royale.

Players can choose any card to request after entering the Trade Screen if they have the right Trade Token. After choosing the card to request, players must put up to 4 cards of the same rarity to trade. After a Trade has been posted, players can cancel it whenever they want unless it is accepted by another players.

Players can also choose to trade with the Trader NPC during Clan Wars. This works much like the trade with Clanmates. Players must choose from the 3 pre-selected cards to give to the Trader and choose a card to receive. If players do not like the selection of cards provided to them, they can reroll for 10 gems.

This is how players can find and use the Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. Want to play Clash Royale with friends? Check out Clash Royale Multiplayer Guide: How To Add Play With Friends?