How To Get Black Nucleus In Tower of Fantasy

Here's the best way to farm for Black Nucleus in the game.

Tower of Fantasy is an action RPG where players need to survive on the alien planet of Aida. As players make their way through the game they will need in-game currency to push forward. There are different types of currencies in Tower of Fantasy like Gold Nucleus, Black Nucleus, and Red Nucleus.

Today, we will explain how players can farm for Black Nucleus in the game.

How To Farm Black Nucleus In Tower of Fantasy?


The Black Nucleus can be used to spin for Special Orders from the menu. Players can choose to spin once or ten times depending on the amount of currency they have. The roll can give out materials, weapons, and characters. Players can obtain the Black Nucleus through multiple ways in Tower of Fantasy.

The most straightforward way to farm it is through supply pods. In addition, players can also get Black Nucleus when they interact with environmental elements like Dandelions or Glowshrooms. Another way to attain Black Nucleus is by defeating some high-level monsters. It can also be attained when exploring the vast open world.

Players will also get a certain amount of Black Nucleus When they complete missions or reach story milestones. It can be a bit of a grind farming for a large amount of Black Nucleus. Players will have to keep progressing through the game and exploring the environment around them to get it.

How To Use Black Nucleus In ToF?

Once players have got enough Black Nucleus they can use it get Black Nucleus Caches from the Special Orders menu. To get to the submenus, players should press the three hexagon symbol and then select the Special Orders menu. Here players can place their Black Nucleus Cache order and the amount. Now players only need to confirm their purchase to get the cache.

This is all about how players can get the Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy. For more ToF content, check out Where To Find Broccoli In Tower Of Fantasy?