Top War: How To Get Super Miner Skin?

Super Miner Skin can be quite useful in Top War.

Base skins are a lot more than just aesthetic decorations for your base in Top War. These skins can also give you different kinds of buffs and boosts depending on the skin. While some skins provide resource bonuses, others give bonuses related to combat. The Super Miner Skin is one of the most useful skins in Top War as it can provide HP, gathering, loading, and gold production bonuses. This guide will explain how you can get this skin in the game.

How To Get Super Miner Skin In Top War?


Base Skins give two kinds of bonuses when purchased. The Equipping bonus is only active when the skin is equipped while the Holding In Stock bonus works all the time whether the skin is equipped or not. The Equipping bonus for the Super Miner Skin includes +50% Gathering Speed-up, +50% Gather Load Increase and +20% Gold Production Increase. Moreover, you also get a Holding In Stock bonus of +10% HP for all units.

This makes the Super Miner Skin one of the best skins to get in the game. Unfortunately, the base skins in Top War are not free. You will have to spend real money to get them in the game. The Super Miner Skin can be obtained by purchasing its Shards or through Events. You will need 10 Super Miner Shards to unlock the skin.

If you would rather just purchase the Skin, the best time to do is when the Power Drill or the Clover Event is in progress. This will ensure that you get the best value for your money. The price of the skin varies according to the country you are in.

Apart from this, you can also get the Super Miner Skin temporarily in Top War. This is possible by purchasing the Beginner Boost pack which will give you the Super Miner Skin for 15 days alongside other rewards. Though this option is temporary, it is also a lot cheaper option to try out the Super Miner Skin without investing too much money in the game.

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