Top War: How To Join, Leave And Change Alliance

This is how you join, leave and change alliances.

Alliance plays a crucial role in battle games. During PvP and SvS, these are your support bases. They provide additional features, resources, and points that help you grow faster in the game. So if you are new to this game and are wondering how to join, change or leave the alliance in Top War, then this article will guide you.

How to Join, Change or Leave Alliance in Top War

Join Change Alliance Top War

How to Join Alliance

  • On the right side of your main screen is an Alliance button. Tap on it.
  • It will show you two option tabs, Join and Create.
  • Since you are looking to join an alliance choose the Join tab.
  • In this tab you will see the search bar and all available alliances.
  • You can hit the “Join” button beside alliance details or use the search bar to find your desired alliance.
  • Now there are different types of alliances. Open alliance lets you join them without much hassle, but closed ones will show the “Apply” option. You can apply and wait for them to accept or reject your application.
  • The third type of alliance requires a “Contact Leader“. Once you finish these formalities, you will become part of an alliance.

Leave Alliance in Top War

  • Go to the Alliance window and tap on “Settings“.
  • Select “Leave Alliance“, and confirm your decision by pressing “OK“.
  • You will lose all your progress, including Droid and Tech Donations, once you leave the alliance. So make sure you join an alliance that will profit you in the long run, and wouldn’t have to leave it afterward.

How to Change Alliance

  • Tap on the “Alliance” button from the right side of your screen.
  • Scroll in the Join tab, select one of the three types, and join it.

Hopefully, this guide on how to join, leave and change an alliance in Top War helped you. If it did, then read how to get Base Skins and level up fast.