Top War: How To Choose A Class?

There are two classes available in Top War: Mechanical Master and Combat Elite.

Top War is a survival RPG where players can build a strong base and attack their enemies with the help of legendary Heroes. The game also allows you to choose between two classes: Mechanical Master and Combat Elite. Depending on how you want to proceed with the game, you can choose one of these Classes. Keep in mind that your gameplay will be affected based on the Class you pick. In this guide, we will explain how you can choose a Class in Top War.

How To Choose A Class In Top War?


Since the Class that you choose can affect your game, you should take this decision with care. If you are a more casual player, the Mechanical Master class is the better option for you. It provides boosts to resources and you can build a super gold mine, food farm, and oil mine with enhanced collection speed. Alternatively, if you want to focus specifically on the combat aspect of the game, you should opt for the Combat Elite Class. It provides Combat boosts like increased crit rate and crit damage.

Class Selection becomes available to you at Level 45. It is a great mechanism to level up your game swiftly. Once you have achieved Level 45, you can unlock the Class selection by going to the Command College. By clicking on this building, you will get the option of choosing between the two classes. Make your selection by clicking on either Mechanical Master or Combat Elite. This will now be your Class in Top War.

If you feel like you have made the wrong choice, you can also switch Classes in the game. You will need a Class Re-Select Ticket to switch classes.

This is all about choosing a Class in Top War. For more Top War guides, check out How To Leave An Alliance In Top War?