5 Tips & Tricks To Make Real Money From Fantasy Cricket Apps

Here are some tips and tricks to make money from Fantasy cricket apps.

Have you ever used any Fantasy Cricket apps? If your answer is ‘No’ but you are curious to know how actually people earn real money using Fantasy Cricket apps like Dream 11, My11Cricle, MyTeam11, Halapay and DuggOut, you have come to the right place.

Not only Fantasy cricket but also Fantasy football are quite popular in India right now. If you too want to learn how people earn real cash via Dream 11, My11Circle and other Fantasy Cricket and Football apps,  you should know some tips and tricks to emerge as the winner.

Here are three things that you should know to play Fantasy cricket in India:

  1. Select an upcoming match and create a team of 11 best players from both teams.
  2. Deposit money and join some contests using your team.
  3. Once the match begins, track your contest leaderboard and see how your team is performing.

Tips and Tricks to make money from Fantasy Cricket Apps

Tip #1: Use The Best Fantasy Cricket App

There are dozens of Fantasy Cricket apps available in India but only a few allow people to modify team after the toss is done. Yes, you read that right! Popular Fantasy Cricket apps like Dream 11 and My11Circle do not let players to modify team as they close the contest entries 1 hour before the match begins.

So, you would not be able to know about the playing XI of both the teams. Usually, the toss of the match is done almost 30-minutes before the match start time. Once the names of playing XI is announced, you will have enough clues to predict the best players.

Instead of using Dream 11 or My11Circle, we will recommend you to use Fantasy Cricket Match like Halapay or Duggout, if you really want to make real cash. These two apps let users modify their team unless or until the match begins.

You will also have an idea which team is going to bat or bowl first. So, based on this, you will be able to guess the opening players and bowlers and can select the best combination of players.

Tip #2: Join small but confirmed contests

If you are a new to Fantasy cricket and considering to join a mega contest, with more than 10,000 members, the chances of getting number 1 position is quite difficult. In order to win easy money, we will recommend you to join small contest, with only 10 or 20 members. It is lot earlier to beat 9 or 19 members as compared to 9,999 members.

Before joining any contest, make sure to check whether the contest is confirmed or not. So, the contest will run even it is not completely filled.

Tip #3: Understand the points system

Each and every Fantasy Cricket apps like Dream 11, My11Circle, Halapay or Duggout has their own point structure. Some of these apps offer more points to batting while others give more value to bowling.

There are apps like Duggout, which has different point system for all forms of cricket such as ODI, T20 and Test Matches. Depending on the match and app’s point system, pick up the best players.

Tip #4: Choose your star players wisely

Majority of Fantasy cricket apps allow to select two players as captain and vice captain. If a normal players scores 10 points, if the same player is chosen as captain, he will get 20 points. While, Vice captain will get 15 points.

That’s the reason why we are urging you to select captain and vice captain wisely. Don’t forget to check their recent perfroemces before select star players in every match. In Duggout, you have an option to select three star players: Silver (1.25x points), Gold (1.5x points) and Platinum (2x points).

Tip #5: Refer & Earn

All Fantacy cricket apps have a referral program. Majority of the apps offer a flat referral bonus of Rs 50 for you and your friends or whoever who joins the app. Unlike other Fantasy Cricket apps, Duggout provides an incredibly better referral program by giving you up to  per month based on your friends’ participation in the app.

What all you have to do is to share your referral link of Duggout on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook account or WhatsApp contacts. As soon as people joins the app through your link, you will receive free money. This is the simplest way to make money via Fantasy cricket app.