Thief Puzzle Level 61 Walkthrough (Step By Step)

Here are all the methods to glide drinks in Thief Puzzle level 61.

Are you searching for ways to steal those delicious-looking orange juices from the hands of two beautiful ladies? But your biggest dilemma is how to get both drinks at once so that the other one doesn’t feel left out. No need to worry, as we have covered all the possible techniques of stealing juice glasses in Thief Puzzle level 61 without getting noticed.

How to Steal Drinks in Thief Puzzle Level 61

Here we will talk about three ways to steal both drinks in level 61, with step-by-step instructions. Use whichever you find the easiest or

Method 1: Excellent

Thief Puzzle Level 61 Method 1

  • It would look exactly like how the picture shows. So open the game and start level 61. Move your hand straight and turn them down from over the red pot.
  • Reach the end of the brown balcony and turn your hand in the right direction from the bottom of the violet pot.
  • Now to grab the drink of a ponytail girl. And while returning also grab a glass of blond hair girl.

Thief Puzzle Method 2: Congratulation

Thief Puzzle Level 61 Method 2

  • You have to steal as described in the image. To be precise, drag your hands to the bottom of the balconies and turn them up from the violet pot to reach another violet pot hanging on an empty balcony. Turn them right from over that violet pot.
  • Turn your hands downwards from the red flower pot. And reach for the drink in a ponytail girl’s hands.
  • Take her glass and grab a bun hairstyle girl’s drink while returning.

Method 3: Cheer Up

 Method 3 Steal Glass

  • Refer to this image if there is any confusion. Drag your hands towards the bottom violet pot, and turn upwards by turning around that pot.
  • Reach for the red hanging pot and turn your hands to the left from over the red flower pot.
  • Go downwards from the left side of the violet pot. And grab the ponytail girl’s drink and steal the blond bun girl’s drink while returning.

Hopefully, this step-by-step guide on how to steal drinks in Thief Puzzle level 61 was helpful for you. If it was, check out our other gaming articles, such as the best puzzle games for Android.