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The Planet Crafter Ore Extractor Guide

If you want to know about the Ore Extractors in The Planet Crafter, this guide will help you understand them in the game.

In the game The Planet Crafter, you are assigned on a mission where you have to conduct terraforming in order to make the potential planet habitable for humans. While conducting this operation, you will have to extract some of the minerals from inside the planet. To do so, you will need to build the extractors in the game. In this guide you will know all you need to know about the Ore Extractor in the Planet Crafter.

What are Ore Extractors in The Planet Crafter?

Ore Extractor Planet Crafter

The Ore Extractors are nothing but devices which help you mine the minerals in the planet’s core. One good thing about these extractors are that they are quite persistent about mining the ores and you don’t have wait around until the minerals are extracted. You can carry out your chores while the extractors are doing theirs.

But, keep in mind, that with the Ore Extractor T1 you can only mine the base minerals. The base minerals are Iron, Aluminium and Iridium. You should start looking for an Iridium mining location. Because with Iridium, you can make Iridium rods which can further help you in making more Ore Extractors in the Planet Crafter. Apart from that, your next target should be Aluminium because it can help you fuel your crafting activities further in the game.

Further more, there are some minerals which can’t be mined by the Ore Extractor T1(Tier 1). Osmium, Super Alloy and Uranium are some of those minerals. In order to carry out the mining of the said minerals, you need Ore Extractor T2(Tier 2).

How to Build Ore Extractors?

In order to build a Tier 1 Ore Extractor, you will have to gather Pressure of around 155 Pascal. The Pressure can help you build big machines which include the Ore Extractors.

Additionally, you also have to determine the location of the minerals you want to extract. Because the Ore Extractors usually target only one mineral and that depends on the location in which you have set the Ore Extractor. Along with that mineral, it will also extract other minerals which are available in that location.

This is all you need to know about the Ore Extractor in The Planet Crafter. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out how to Unlock Planet Crafter Maps and many such guides available on the Gamesadda.