Terra Nil: How To Discover Narwhal

Start from nothing and restore territories in Terra Nil to discover Narwhal.

Narwhal, known as the unicorn of the sea, has a large dusk and is around 4m long. These unique creatures are extremely rare, so making them part of your ecosystem takes quite an effort. But if you are ready, then read this guide on how to discover Narwhal in Terra Nil. Add these whales to your biome and restore the wildfire of the region.

How to Discover or Find Narwhal Whales in Terra Nil

Find Narwhal In Terra Nil

20 ocean, 4 ice sheet tiles, and -10°C temperature are three basic requirements for Narwhals to evolve in this region. They are part of the arctic biome and should be worked on after discovering other cold region wildlife, as its requirements might hamper other species. Leading to rebuilding everything.

According to the game’s information panel, Narwhal swims in cold ocean waters under the ice. But because of different biomes and technology, maintaining the -10°C temperature of the icy biome can be difficult at times. So while restoring, pay attention to the temperature of the biomes circling it. And they are found in Volcanic Glacier and Polluted Fjord regions. So don’t look for them on other maps.

Once you have fulfilled the mentioned requirements, place the Animal Observatory anywhere in the region. Now tap on the paw symbol in the upper left corner. Use an expand arrow to check the species you need to discover in the last stage of the region. Search for all other animals by completing their requirements. And then lower the temperature by not placing too many combustors.

Use the animal scanner in the 20 ocean, and 4 ice sheet tiles area. You will most probably discover them. But if you are still unable to discover them. Then check out the temperature and make sure it’s -10°C or low in its habitat zone.

This concludes how to discover Narwhal in Terra Nil. If this article was informative to you. Then read other similar game guides, like how to recall the satellite & restore the river valley region.