Techno Gamerz GTA 5 Net Worth, Real Name, GF, Free Fire ID & Phone Number

Here's everything you need to know about Techno Gamerz GTA 5.

Techno Gamerz GTA 5 has become a regular keyword that thousands of people search for on the internet on a daily basis. There are tons of people who have been wondering what Techno Gamerz GTA 5 is and why it has become a most searched keyword on Google.

In this post, we will break down everything about Techno Gamers GTA 5, including who is he, when did he start his YouTube channel, his monthly income, his Free Fire ID, and more.

About Techno Gamerz GTA 5

Techno Gamerz is a YouTube channel, owned by Ujjwal Chaurasia. He is one of the most popular Indian video game creators. The only reason why people search for it on the internet and YouTube is he rose to fame by streaming GTA 5.

There are dozens of his videos streaming or playing GTA 5 available on his YouTube channel. The way play GTA 5 is loved by millions of his fans and they even desperately wait for him to upload the next video on GTA V.

upcoming video. Apart from GTA 5, Ujjwal Chaurasia aka Techno Gamerz also streams games like Minecraft, Hitman, Free Fire, and others.

Techno Gamerz Career

Started in August 2017, Techno Gamerz has achieved a milestone of having 15 million subscribers on YouTube. When Ujjwal Chaurasia started his YouTube channel, he used to stream PUBG Mobile but when the Government of India banned the massively popular battle royale video game, he had no option but to switch to other games like GTA V, Hitman, Free Fire, and Minecraft.

He might uploads videos of multiple video games but what his fans love the most is GTA 5. Regardless of any game, he plays on YouTube, his video appears on the Trending section, helping him to garner millions of views.

Apart from Techno Gamerz, he also has another YouTube channel called Ujjwal, which has more than 4 Million Subscribers.

Techno Gamerz Monthly income & Net Worth

Techno Gamerz has uploaded numerous videos on his YouTube channel since he started his channel way back in 2017. At the time of writing this post, his all videos have managed to garner 3,028,635,083 views.

There are multiple ways that a streamer uses to make money on YouTube. The most popular method they use is to stream their favorite video games on YouTube and Twitch where their fans support them by giving superchats and promotions and clicking on advertisements.

Apart from these methods, they are also approached by sponsors. Since we can’t reveal the exact monthly income of Techno Gamerz, we will reveal his approximately net worth. According to a report in Filmysiyappa, Techno Gamerz’s total net worth is $2 million, which roughly translates to Rs 15 crore.

Techno Gamerz Mobile Number

Unfortunately, we as a media organization can’t reveal anyone’s personal phone number on our website, Games Adda. If you really want to know the phone number of Techno Gamerz, you should ask for the same when he streams videos on YouTube.

Techno Gamerz Age

According to Filmysiyappa, Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia was born on January 12, 2002. If anything to go by the information shared by that site, Techno Gamerz’s age is 19. He is merely a 19-year old guy but the amount of money he is making via his YouTube channel is too much. Don’t you think so?

Techno Gamerz’s Girlfriend

Ujjwal Chaurasia is a handsome hunk but he has not revealed the name of his girlfriend on his YouTube channel. Whenever he makes his relationship public or discloses the name of his girlfriend, we will update this section.

Techno Gamerz Free Fire ID

As we have mentioned above, Ujjwal Chaurasia often uploads videos of him playing Garena Free Fire on his second channel. Since there are thousands of fans who want to play Free Fire with Techno Gamerz but it can’t be impossible without knowing his Free Fire ID.

For the unversed, Techno Gamerz’s Free Fire ID is 786974995.

That’s everything you need to know about Techno Gamerz GTA 5.