Tears Of Themis: How To Reroll?

Players can use their limited draws on various characters and cards in Tears of Themis. Let's see how to reroll in Tears of Themis.

Tears of Themis is the latest otome game from Mihoyo where players can pull cards to advance further in the story. Given that every case gives you multiple choices with every choice taking you on another path. Just like any other gacha game players always want to reroll in the game to get a better start. Let’s see how you can reroll in Tears of Themis.

How To Reroll In Tears Of Themis?

Mihoyo makes it difficult for players to reroll in any of its games be it Genshin Impact or Tears of Themis but there are some ways to Reroll. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reroll in Tears of Themis.

  • Start the game and complete the tutorial till you get the chance to pull a card
  • In case you are happy with the card go ahead, if not follow the next steps.
  • Exit the game and go to settings and clear the game data.
  • After clearing the game data launch Tears of Themis again and you will have to play the tutorial again.
  • After the tutorial uses another account to bind and successfully reroll in Tears of Themis.

As of now apart from using another account, there is no other way to reroll in Tears of Themis as you have to bind your account to the game. Simply clearing the game data won’t enable you to reroll or start from scratch in Tears of Themis.

Given that players get multiple draws to choose cards from the same rarity makes rerolling in Tears of Themis is a bit unnecessary. The only reason to reroll is if in case you want a specific character’s card apart from that all the starter cards are of the same rarity and mostly the same skills.

Now that you know how to reroll in Tears of Themis, do check out the Tears of Themis cards list to know about all the SSR, SR, and R cards in the game.