What Is Survival Class In Escape From Tarkov?

Read this article all the way to the conclusion to get a thorough understanding of the survival class in Escape From Tarkov.

Tarkov From Escape (EFT), yet another action RPG but with a political twist full of scandals and dramas, left Tarkov’s Scavs, or locals, with no choice but to arm themselves in order to take control of city areas.

Since you have control of the situation, you must be monitoring the stats to see how well you are doing in this first-person simulation game.

During which you stumbled across a survival class attribute and ended up here wondering what it means. Read on to know about the Survival Class attribute in Escape From Tarkov.

EFT – Survival Class Guide

Survival Class in the game is an essential character trait that may help you figure out your playstyle. It changes throughout the session and, as you know, can be found in the Overall statistics panel. Survival Class represents five different values each of which is explained below.SURVIVOR-CLASS-TARKOV.jpg

1. Tarkov Survival Class – Unknown

Your survivor class will be unknown if you are new to the game and lack experience. Once you have a strong understanding of the basics, you will be assigned to one of the four classes listed below. The main question is when the class will change. It isn’t clarified, but based on observations, your survivor class may change once you hit level 20.

2. Tarkov Survival Class – Neutralizer

Your survival class changes from unknown to neutralizer as you gain experience from persistent kills. To get this class, you must be interested in looking for PMC dog tags and similar items rather than focusing on raid loot most of the time.

3. Tarkov Survival Class – Marauder

If you attempt to collect every possible loot, whether raid or top tier uncommon treasure, you are a marauder. You must also target high-value loot regions, as more loot negates more kills and helps you to move up to marauder.

4. Tarkov Survival Class – Paramedic

As the name implies, you get paramedic survivor class when you spend most of your raid time healing rather than looting and killing. And you must skill level by intentionally suffering harm from fire, barbed wire, or falling, as earning this survivor class in Escape From Tarkov is not achievable when playing standard gameplay.

5. Tarkov Survival Class – Survivor

The survivor class is achieved by having a better rate of survival in comparison to loots and kills. In this instance, you have the most character experience by enduring the most difficult game challenges.

Bottom Line

You’ve probably noticed a pattern here. Your playstyle determines the survival class. This is why, even with the identical settings and game mode, you and your friend have different classes. Well, change in your survival class also resets the Tarkov Wipe as it affects your character settings.

So, now that you know what the survival class in Escape From Tarkov is, simply change your playstyle to get the desired one.