Genshin Impact Tales Of Winter Quest Walkthrough

This article will show you how to complete one of the side missions in Genshin Impact – Tales Of Winter.

The open-world RPG has become the global sensation today by successfully attaining a massive player base through its incredible Gacha mechanism implementations and intriguing content. This action-adventure title is definitely worth your time since it features an immersive narrative arc, sophisticated gameplay, and a fascinating world to discover.

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On your voyage to anime theme title, you will unleash several characters each with a unique personality by relentless advancements. To progress in the game and earn the best rewards and characters you are required to complete multiple side quests and missions’ one being Tales of Winter. In the Genshin Impact Tales Of Winter mission, you will be asked to invade the hostile tribe, Fatui.

If you’re keen on learning how to solve this daily commission quest, hang on till the end.

Genshin Impact Tales Of Winter

This Gacha style game is embedded with too many quests grouped into multiple categories such as World Quests, Archon Quests, Story Quests, Daily Commissions, and so forth. Among these repetitive types is a daily commission quest that allows you to play quest daily and win prizes such as Adventurer’s XP, Primogems, Mora, etc.

Tales of Winter is one of the daily commissions in Genshin impact which is presented by the non-aggressive Fatui guy who resides in Mondstadt cathedral. Unlike other category quests, you cannot begin Tales of Winter on personal preference.

Genshin Impact’s Daily Commission quest occurs randomly in the game so you just can’t predict which Quest is going to turn up. Let’s hope that your current quest is Tales of Winter, or at least that you come across it in the future, and that you need proper guidance. Here’s how to complete the mission.

Tales Of Winter – Tutorial

This is a short daily commission quest in Genshin Impact prompting you to get back ruin guard’s fallen loots. Follow the below steps to get done with this mission.

Step 1: Go to Mondstadt Cathedral and find Viktor.

Step 2: Start a conversation with him to launch the quest.Tales-Of-Winter-Genshin-Impact

Step 3: Choose one of the three separate routes given in the quest.

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Step 4: Visit the marked location.

Step 5: Kill the ruined guard and collect loot.Tales-Of-Winter-Genshin-Impact

Step 6: Return to Viktor and offer the loot to claim rewards.Tales-Of-Winter-Genshin-Impact

Pro tip: Complete all the three routes in step 3 to earn the “Telling It How Is” achievement.

Tada! It’s that easy to complete the Genshin Impact Tales Of Winter Quest.