How To Get Void Power?

Want to know how to get Void Power in Check out this guide.

In order to survive hoards of zombie creatures, you need to be prepared with the best weapon you’ve got in your arsenal. Among those weapons, in this guide, we have covered how you can get Void Power in Void Power is one of the most sought-after weapons in the game and there is a good reason behind that.

The base attacking stat of this weapon is 75 points and it can be upgraded up to level 50. Thus, when you level up, this weapon can work wonders against both normal enemies and bosses. Read along with this guide further to learn more about the same.

How to Get Void Power in

Get Void Power in

Before you step ahead to get Void Power in, you might want to learn about the weapon. If so, you must know that it is a weapon of Excellent rarity. Now, there are three ways in which you can obtain it. As this weapon is of higher rarity, its chances of appearing are low.

However, the algorithm provides a guaranteed chance after a certain number of summons. Below, we have explained it in detail. The ways to obtain Void Power are as follows,

  • S Grade Supplies Rate Up banner
  • Voidwaker Emblem Supply Crate
  • EDF Supply Crate

S Grade Supply Rate Up banner

To open this crate once, you need to spend 300 Gems. In case you wish to open it multiple times, you can do that as well. If you’re willing to spend 2680 Gems, you can open it 10 times. Now, the banner states that if you open it 10 times, you are guaranteed to get an Excellent rarity weapon. And you will certainly receive an S grade Excellent weapon in 50 opens. However, this is just the probability of its occurrence. You may receive it earlier or later, it depends on how lucky you are.

Voidwaker Emblem Supply Crate

Similar to the S Grade Supply Crate, you have to use 300 Gems to open it once and 2680 Gems to open it 10 times. Because this banner is dedicated to Voidwaker Emblem, it works differently. Hence, we’d recommend you to channelize your gems in the S Grade Supply Rate Up banner. You stand a guaranteed chance to get an S Grade Excellent weapon in 49 opens.

EDF Supplies Crate

Lastly, You can count on the EDF Supplies crate to get it, but the chances are low. You need a Golden Chest Key to open it. Also, you can open it for free but there’s a timer for that.

These are the ways in which you can get Void Power in Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to browse through other similar articles such as How to Get Epic Gear in and How to Clear Chapter 2?