Summoners War Chronicles Reroll Guide (2023)

With over 1000 characters, players will have to reroll a few times to get good characters in Summoners War Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicle is a fantasy RPG that is a part of the Summoners War series. The game offers players a cross-platform MMORPG experience with a huge world full of quests and activities. However, in the end, the game is about having strong characters on your side to defeat the opponents and progress in the game. Players that want to know how to reroll in Summoners War Chronicles will find this guide useful.

There are over 1000 characters available to players in the game but not all of them perform equally. You can refer to our Summoners War Chronicles Tier List for more information. In the meantime, let us see how to reroll in the game if you do not get the characters you want.

Summoners War Chronicles Reroll Guide


Some games allow players to perform rerolls to try for characters they want. However, there is a limit to how many times you can this way. The guide below will explain how to reroll in Summoners War Chronicles.

Clear Data

The easiest way to reroll in Summoners War Chronicles is to clear the game’s data. Players can follow the instructions given below to reroll in the game.

  • Open Summoners War Chronicles on your device.
  • Sign in to the game with a guest account.
  • Complete the game tutorial.
  • Now, the game will allow you to summon characters. If you do not get the character of your choice you can clear the game data from your phone’s Settings. This option is only eligible with the guest login. If you sign in using your account, your progress will be saved.

To clear game data on your device, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps or App Management.
  • Choose Summoners War Chronicles from the list of apps.
  • Go to Storage details.
  • Select Clear data and Clear Cache.
  • Restart the game. This will reset your progress and you can retry for your desired characters.

This is how players can reroll in Summoners War Chronicles. For more Summoners War, check out Summoners War: Lost Centuria Tier List & Reroll Guide.