Subway Surfers: How To Activate Hoverboard?

Here's how to get Hoverboards in the game.

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game. Players get to help Jake and his friends escape the grumpy guard while avoiding oncoming trains and collecting coins. The Hoverboard is an item in the game that can be very helpful for players in avoiding crashes. In this guide, we will explain how players can activate the Hoverboard.

How To Activate The Hoverboard In Subway Surfers?


The Hoverboard can protect players from crashing for 30 seconds. Once a player crashes in Subway Surfers, the hoverboard will explode and clear out the area. This makes the hoverboard a useful item that players definitely want to get. The hoverboard does has a cooldown time of 5 seconds before players can use it again.

It is quite simple to activate the hoverboard in the game. Players just need to double-tap the screen to do so. There are a lot of unique hoverboards available in the game. However, the method to activate them remains the same.

There are some hoverboards that are exclusive & limited. For example, the Great White hoverboard, which costs 20,000 coins, gives players the ability of Super Speed and Smooth Drift.

There are different ways to unlock hoverboards in Subway Surfer. While some hoverboards are unlocked as players progress through the game, others have to be purchased with real money from the game shop. In addition, players can also purchase a lot of hoverboards using the in-game currency of coins. Some hoverboards are only available in the game for a limited time and players that miss out on them might not be able to attain them.

That is everything there is to know about activating hoverboards in Subway Surfer. We hope that this guide clarified any doubts players might have had. For more Subway Surfers related content, check out Subway Surfers: How To Get Miss Maia For Free?