Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training Mode Explained

This is all you need to know about Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training mode.

Street Fighter Duel is a casual stylized action strategy game of the Street Fighter: Duel franchise. There are various combinations of challenges players can take. Such as they can follow the original story or fight against their friends and complete challenges, Training, Arena, or simply explore. In this guide, we will explain one such mode, Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training Mode.

Explained Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training Mode

Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training

Players can unlock Wonderland Training mode after completing Stages 2-1. It is placed on the upper left side of the map and looks like an arcade game panel. There are various stages in this mode. And they are comparatively easier to conquer. Some veteran players have completed all stages within a one-quarter hour.

At present, there are thirteen stages and more might come in the future. The games that this mode presents are puzzles related to boxes, lava, and icebergs.

What Prizes Can You Get From Wonderland Training

The prizes range with the intensity of the stage, but speaking overall, even the early stages give good enough rewards to keep players engaged. Such stage one gives Gems & Rare Accessory, stage two gives Gems & Arcade coin, stage three gives Gems & B Grade Invitation, Stage thirteen gives Fighter Selection Chest, and so on.

Stage 13 Fighter Selection Chest has six purple color fighters and you will get 1 of the listed fighters from Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training.

How to Solve These Puzzles

Many players are posting solutions on their social handles and also sharing on Discord groups. If you are part of any Street Fighter Duel Discord group, you can ask others for a solution. But it is suggested to solve it yourselves because they might have been launched to prepare you for some upcoming event or challenge.

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