How To Stop A Raid In Minecraft! Commands & More

Here are a few ways how you can fight Raids in Minecraft.

Raids are events in Minecraft where tons of different mobs and Pillagers spawn in a village and attack it. To start a raid, you need the Bad Omen Status effect. You can get loots like Ominous Banners, Emerald, weapons, and also usual mob loots. We’ll tell you how you can defeat or how to stop a raid in Minecraft.

Preparing for A Raid in Minecraft

Before you start a raid always make sure you are prepared and well equipped to fight off the mobs. You need the following things to make sure you can fight the raid.

Pieces of equipment

  • Iron Armor
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Extra set of blocks to block doors
  • Crossbows to kill mobs from a distance.
  • Different foods to keep your health up
  • Water bucket
  • Milk
  • Ender Pearls to teleport or escape.
  • Healing Potion
  • Lava Bucket to kill multiple mobs at once

Barricade the Village

This technique is used a lot in raids. Mobs and raiders cannot actually destroy blocks outside the village. Barricading the village and creating a 4 block wall around the village will keep the mobs out and they won’t be able to come in. Hence you’ll be taking less damage. This will make it easier to Stop a Raid in Minecraft.

How to Stop a raid in minecraft

Lock the Villagers Inside Houses

This is one of the main things you can do to win raids. If a single villager gets hurt or dies in a raid, chances are that you lose the raid and will not get any achievement. Use the bell to put the villagers in their houses. Once all the villagers are in the houses, block the doors from the outside using spare blocks. This will keep the villagers safe from raiders.

Start the Raid

To start the raid, you need the Bad Omen effect. Try to find an Illager Outpost somewhere near the village and find captain Illager. The captain can be located by a banner on their head. Once you kill the captain, you’ll get the Bad Omen.
All you need to do to start the raid then is walk into the village with at least 1 villager and 1 claimed bed.

How to Stop a raid in minecraft

How To Stop A Raid in Minecraft

To defeat a Raid in Minecraft you need to kill all mobs and enemies in all the Waves before they fully destroy the village.
Make sure you take the Witches out first as they will heal other injured Mobs. You can even use the Village bell to locate the raiders as they will start glowing. Once you have defeated all the waves, you win. You will get the “Hero of the Village” effect which lasts for 3 days. Villagers will gift you items and your trading costs also reduce.

Commands to Stop a Raid in Minecraft

You can use this command to stop the current raid and any future raids until the command is manually turned off again.

  • /gamerule disableRaids true

This is how you can defeat a raid in Minecraft or stop a raid in Minecraft! Here is how you can play Minecraft for free.