State Of Survival Codes List (January 2022)

Redeem all the active codes in State of Survival to get gifts before they expire.

State of Survival is a mobile strategy game that requires players to work a lot on strategies to help their character survive longest in the game. If you are looking for codes that will help you to give a tough fight against all zombies in the State of Survival by boosting your abilities, then here you go!

All-State Of Survival Gift Redemption Codes List – Jan 2022

State Of Survival codes

Here is a list of all State of Survival gift codes to get biocaps, speed ups, and resources in the State Of Survival. Similar to Roblox Game Codes and Genshin Impact codes, State of Survival redemption codes expire pretty fast. If you have not redeemed the following codes as of yet, be sure to redeem them before they expire.

State Of Survival Codes (Working)

Here’s a list of working gift codes that you can redeem in State Of Survival right now:

  • 2ndMemorialBook2021
  • 2s2o2sanni
  • 5daystoairshipdesign
  • AirshipGuardian
  • AnniversaryBoss
  • FrameHQskins
  • Happy2AnniversarySOS
  • LongLiveDaryl
  • NewheroBecca
  • Welcome2021
  • kuchentvsos (Only for New Players)
  • sos119
  • sos1234 (Only for New Players)
  • sos999

State Of Survival Codes (Expired)

The following codes are no longer active and can’t be redeemed:

  • 2021SDNEMP0BED1
  • 2021SPASX01
  • Anniversaryhero
  • Catzilla
  • CherokeeRose
  • SD406B202C12
  • SFA773217A67
  • SOS23rd
  • SOSpring
  • Samsung
  • SoSHaematom
  • Sosmuttertag2021
  • Sunday
  • Thankyou
  • Thenursewilljackit
  • VK60K
  • ZodiacAnimal
  • Zodiacfrank
  • alarm
  • applepie
  • bartgametvsos
  • brandonsos
  • chaos
  • character
  • code123
  • cometogether
  • dashewan520
  • drumsysos
  • environment
  • theonewordnames
  • thezombies
  • trapbuilder
  • vlfrgaming2
  • wallwatcher
  • wilbursos
  • woahaematomsos
  • wonderboy

How To Redeem State Of Survival Codes?

1) Launch the game.
2) Click on the profile icon on the top left of your screen.
3) Scroll down and look for settings at the end of the page.
State Of Survival codes

4) Find the Gift Redemption option in the new window and click on it.

4) Find the Gift Redemption option in the new window and click on it.

5) Type any of the working codes into the text and hit the Redeem button to get your rewards.

Here we come to an end for the State Of Survival codes list. Check another article on Ninja Legends Codes List.