Splitgate: Release Date, Expected Time, and Battle Pass Details

The open Beta version of the most talked-about FPS title is going to be out very soon.

Developers of Splitgate have announced the most awaited release of its open beta version. As we all know the Beta was out back in May 2019, It got its fan base and popularity increased because of its amazing crossplay and its open beta is going to release in August 2021. It is going to be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Splitgate Expected, Release Date, Time, & Battle Pass Details

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All you need to know about: Splitgate

Splitgate is developed by 1047 Games on a sci-theme. It’s a first-person shooter game that is soon going to be available for everyone on their PC, PS, and Xbox in August 2021.

The critics and fans are describing the FPS of the Splitgates as “Halo and Portals” because of its fast-paced shooting features which are adding intense action to the game.

The beta was launched in May 2019 and it had got a fan base since then it has already crossed over half-million downloads and about 65,000 concurrent players.

Splitgate Release Date For PC & Console

Splitgate Beta was taken down from its servers recently for the release of its full version in August 2021. Though the exact time is not announced yet.

As the developer took down beta from the server at 12 AM according to the Eastern timezone, therefore we just can assume that the full game will be out by August 2021.

Splitgate Battle Pass Details

Players were able to level up their Battle pass in Splitgate during its open beta but how will you get it when the full game will be released? The developers are going to answer all the queries during their announcement on 26th July at 12PM ET.

All we know right now is that Battle Pass will cost 900 Splitcoins and has both free and premium tiers which will reward players with armor, weapon skins, banners, portals, and even Splitcoins for smooth progressing.

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