How To Fix Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working Error?

Here's a quick guide on how to resolve the pairing not working issue in Splitgate.

Splitgate players have been encountering multiple errors since its early access was launched for all platforms. There is no denying that the developers have fixed most of the errors but there are a few that still need to be fixed. The latest error that players are currently facing is ‘Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working’ which makes it a lot difficult for them to start the game.

If you too are having a ‘Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working’ error while inviting friends or starting the game on your device then don’t worry, we have you covered.

This post will explain what this error is all about and how to fix it in Splitgate. If you are eager to know the solution to ‘Pairing Not Working in Splitgate’ then keep reading this post.

How To Fix ‘Pairing Not Working’ Error In Splitgate?

There are tons of players who are currently having ‘Matchmaking Not Working Error’ in Splitgate and most of them have already tried dozens of ways to fix this issue but they failed miserably. Notably, restarting the device and switching to another internet connection would not fix this error as well.

The reason why players are failed to fix the ‘Splitgate Matchmaking screen is Blank error’ is this error is occurring from the developer’s end. The reason why people are having this issue is tons of players across the world are jumping to the game at the same time.

Fortunately, the devs are aware of this error and they are making all possible efforts to fix this issue as soon as possible. So, if you want to play Splitgate with your friends then you will have to wait until the developers increase the server capacity, which is too little at the moment.

Once the server issue is resolved, players will be able to invite friends and play Splitgate together. Notably, Matchmaking Not Working is not the only error that Splitgate players have been encountering lately but the devs have fixed almost all of them.

The developer of the game took to Twitter and informed fans that they have fixed the following errors.

  • Bundles purchasing bug is now fixed on PlayStation. Restart your game to receive your items
  • BP items that were missing despite hitting the level have been backfilled
  • Rumble games in certain regions no longer kick you Thanks for your patience with these issues!

That’s all you need to know about Splitgate Matchmaking Not Working error in 2021.