Smite: How To Unlock Game Modes

Here is how to play all game modes of Smite.

There are five game modes in Smite. Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust, and Slash. All these modes have their own rules, objectives, and maps. Adventures, Domination, Siege, and Clash are four old modes, three of which have been removed, and one was a limited-time series. And here is how to unlock all available game modes in Smite.

How to Play All Game Modes in Smite

Play All Game Modes In Smite

Players below level 15 can access and get in the queue for normal Conquest, Arena, and Joust modes, but not Assault and Slash. Players from account levels 1 to 4 can access these modes through Co-Op vs AI. And players between 5 to 20 account levels can queue these modes in PvP. The only way to unlock all game modes is by reaching level 15.

These modes are further divided into difficulty levels. Players at level 16 can access all normal difficulty game modes. But to unlock Ranked matches, they need to reach level 30 and have Mastery level 2 Gods. And there are only three modes that players can access in Ranked: Conquest, Joust, and Duel. They require a player to complete a certain number of normal matches from Joust and Conquest or play qualifying battles to get in Divisions.

How to Level Up Fast and Unlock Modes

Players need to earn XP for leveling up. And XP is earned from all the game modes. But Conquest gives the most XP. This mode is great for earning experience but can be a little overwhelming for new players. So it is recommended to start with bots as an enemy.

The second way to collect XP is by participating in Co-Op with boosters. As Co-Op are easy to conquer. It is also a good idea to use boosters in Conquest mode as they are longer than other modes and give more XP.

This is all you need to do to unlock all game modes in Smite. Since you are already here, check out how to unlock Exclusive Skins and unlock Ranked matches.