Slugterra: Slug It Out 2 Promo Codes (October 2021)

Looking for working promo codes for Slug it Out? We have it all for you.

Slug it out 2 is an adventure slug shooter game filled with challenges. You can get Slug It Out 2 promo codes that you can redeem for awards. In this game, you can raise slugs, play wars with slug masters and even solve puzzles. You can use slug powers, train them and level them up. You can even evolve them into a Megamorph form which is much powerful than a normal slug form.

Here are some Slug it Out 2 Promo Codes

Promo codes are exchanged for Chests, Gold, cards, gems, coins and other items in the game. Here are all of the working codes for Slug it Out 2.

Active Codes

Unfortunately, there are no active codes for Slug it Out 2 as of now. However, keep checking back every day to see if any new codes have come out. These codes are redeemable only once per user.

Expired Codes

  • cBOQ2n
  • dfMYox
  • vzs7Xr

You may try to use the expired codes once if you have never redeemed them before. They might work for a handful of users still. Whenever redeeming a promo code, make sure you always enter it as mentioned. Promo codes are case sensitive.

How to Redeem Slug it Out 2 Promo Codes

You may have a code and not know where to put it. Or maybe, you’re reading this article and have found a working code but don’t know where to put it. Here is how you can redeem the codes on Slug it Out 2. Follow the steps below.
Slut it Out 2 Promo Codes

  1. Open the game.
  2. Make sure you are on the Hideout page.
  3. Click the Settings icon on the upper side of the screen.
  4. You’ll see a gift box icon. Click that
  5. A box pops up with a chest on the left and a text box to enter your code.
  6. Enter your code as shown.
  7. Press Submit.

You should now have chests, gems, coins from the promo code. We hope this is helpful for our readers. Check back for more Slug it Out 2 Promo codes. Meanwhile, check out the best multiplayer and online games for mobile here.