Slayers Unleashed Clans List Along With Rarity (November 2022)

Clans give you special powers in Slayers Unleashed. Here's a tier list ranking all the clans in Slayers Unleashed as per rarity.

Demon Slayer has become the source material for several Roblox games, and Slayers Unleashed is one of the most popular of them. Slayers Unleashed follows a storyline similar to Demon Slayer, so players will have to go on a quest to become a Demon Slayer and obtain unique abilities by joining a clan. Here is the complete list of all the clans in Slayers Unleashed, along with the rarity and clan perks.

Slayers Unleashed Clans List – November 2022

 Clan Name Rarity Perks
Tsugikuni 1% 2x times EXP

+85% chance to get moon breathing

+10% Damage

Kamado Clan 1% 2x times EXP

Sun Breathing

+10% Damage

Tokito Clan 2% 1.3x times Damage with Mist

High Running Speed

Extra Stamina

+50% chance to get Moon Breathing

Shinazugawa Clan 2% 1.3x time damage with Wind

+10% Damage on Sword Combat

Tsuyuri Clan 5% Increases damage to Flower Breathing
Rengoku Clan 5% 1.3x times Damage using Flame Moves

+10% extra health

Iguro Clan 5% +25% Damage over time for the Venom effect
Uzui Clan 6% Increases damage to Sound Breathing
Hashibira Clan 10% 1.3x damage from Beast moves

+5% Stamina

Kocho Clan 15% 1.6x Damage from Insect Moves

-50% damage while using a sword or during regular combat

Agatsuma Clan 20% 1.3x damage from Thunder Moves
Urokodaki Clan 40% Get free Tengu mask in the inventory
Tomioka Clan 60% 1.2x Damage from Water moves
Kanjori Clan 5% Increased damage from Love moves


This was the complete list of all the clans, along with the rarity and clan perks you will get by joining the clan. As you can see, rare clans have more and more perks when compared to other clans with high rarity. Joining a rare clan has a lot of impact on your game so make sure you get the best clan. In case you don’t get a rare clan, you can always reroll and try again.

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