Paper io 2: How To Get All Skins (June 2022)

Do you want to unlock all the skins available in Paper io 2?

Paper io 2 is a Snake-like game with added mechanics. The objective of the game is to grow the color territory by moving the color square across the board. However, players must avoid running into other players or intersecting their own paths. This will eliminate them from the game. Moreover, if another player intersects a player’s path that the latter player is eliminated. Paper io 2 offers a variety of Skins that players can unlock by completing certain milestones.

Let us take a look at how players can get all the skins in Paper io 2.


How To Unlock All Skins In Paper io 2?


We have put together a list of all the skins and how players can unlock them in the game below.


  • Tank Skin: Kill 50 players in one single game.
  • Donut Skin: Kill the player with the highest map percentage covered.
  • Moose Skin: Cover 10% of the map in one round.
  • Elephant Skin: Cover 25% of the map in one round.
  • Giraffe Skin: Cover 50% of the map in a single round.
  • Hippo Skin: Cover at least 80% of the map.
  • Unicorn Skin: Cover the entire map in one shot.
  • Cheeseburger Skin: Play the game one time.
  • Christmas Skin: Finish challenge 1.
  • Present Skin: Finish challenge 14.
  • Sanitizer Skin: Stand in Occupied Area for 30 seconds without getting killed.
  • Box truck Skin: Play the game for three days in a row.
  • Airplane Skin: Play the game for seven days in a row.
  • Duck Skin: Kill ten players total in one single game.
  • Pig Skin: Kill 25 players total in one single game.
  • Toilet Skin: Kill three players consecutively.
  • Rhinoceros Skin: Stay outside of the area for five seconds.
  • Paint Roller Skin: Stay outside of the area for ten seconds.
  • Snowman Skin: Finish challenge 21.
  • Police Car Skin: Cover 50% of the map with zero kills.
  • Orange Skin: Players who share on Twitter can use it.
  • Impostor: Turn off the plugin Adblock plugin.
  • Thanos: Capture 50% space
  • Captain America: Capture 50% space
  • Joker: Kill 300 players in one day.
  • Covid-19: Kill 3 players in a row.
  • Doctor: Kill Covid-19.

These are all the skins available in Paper io 2 and the method to unlock them. For more content on the game, check out How To Win In Paper.Io 2?


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