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The Sims FreePlay Servers Down: How To Check Server Status?

Here's everything you need to know about the server status of The Sims FreePlay.

It has been almost a decade since The Sims FreePlay was launched for Android and iOS devices but the popularity of this game is showing no sign of slowing down. For the unversed, it is a freemium version of The Sims for mobile users. There are tons of users who play this game on their devices but many complained today that The Sims Freeplay is not connecting to server when they attempt to launch it on their phone.

Since today morning, a lot of users have been having connections issues while launching The Sims Freeplay on their device and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered. This post will not teach how to fix The Sims Freeplay connection issue but also explain what causes the issue.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Are The Sims Freeplay Servers Down?

Since majority of connection issues occur when servers of the game or application are down and that’s the reason why many are wondering if the servers of The Sims Freeplay are down or not. If you too want to know the live status of The Sims Freeplay server then keep reading this post. Before you read further and apply the given steps, make sure you have a solid internet connection. If you are encountering connection issues despite having a fast internet connection then there are chances that the servers of the game are down.

Notably, the servers of The Sims FreePlay could be down for two main reasons. One is for maintenance break and the second is when servers of the game are visited by more than expected users at the same time. When we checked out the server status of The Sims FreePlay, we got to know that the servers of the game were down.

How To Check Server Status Of The Sims FreePlay?

There are two places where you can check out the server status of The Sims FreePlay — Outage.report or Twitter.


Outage.Report is a third-party website which tracks the live status of The Sims FreePlay servers. If you encounter any connection issue while launching the game on your phone, you will have to visit the website Outage.report. Once you are on the site, you will have to search for ‘The Sims FreePlay’. Doing this will show you a graph of complaints the website has received in the last 20 minutes or 24-hour.

The Sims FreePlay Server Down

When we visited the site, we were shown this graph. According to the site, the website has received 53% servers down, 44% Mobile app not working or 2% Mobile app crashes complaints in the last 20 minutes. When you visit the site, you will be able to know the server status of The Sims FreePlay.


The second platform where you can find out the server status of The Sims FreePlay is Twitter. Twitter is a platform where the devs keeps fans updated everything about the game. If they are aware of the connection issues that users are having at the moment or they have any planned scheduled for maintenance, the devs put post on Twitter regarding the same.

If the servers of The Sims FreePlay are down and then you have no other option but to wait until the servers of the game are up. As soon as the issues are resolved, the devs will inform about the same on Twitter.