How to Complete Disney Princess Challenge In Sims 4

Here is a detailed guide on Disney Princess Challenge in Sims 4.

The sims in Sims 4 suddenly decide to imagine themselves as they are Princesses from Disney World and they start acting like one. In this challenge, Sims go through different generations of the Disney Princesses.
It is one of the most popular challenges of The Sims 4 in which people are asked to follow the storyline of Disney Princess in the game. Follow all the 10 generations and help your sim to reach your favorite Disney character.

Different Generations And Their Requirements To Complete The Challenge:

1. Snow White

Snow white: Sims 4

This is the first generation in the Sims 4 Disney Princess challenge. The story of Snow White is incomplete without her cruel stepmother. So create Snow White’s Stepmother’s Character in the Sims. SHe will help you to get that evil queen look.

Requirements to complete Snow White’s Generation-

1) Make sure your sim is a Female.

2) Maker lives with seven little baby sims which will represent dwarfs from the actual Snow White’s Story.

3) Ensure all the little sims who are representing Dwarfs are born from the same father.

4) It’s important for all the Dwarf Sim’s receive an A in School.

5) Ensure Snow White Do not open door for anyone, especially for an old female Strangers.

6) And it’s completed.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella: Sims 4

The first thing which usually comes to anyone’s mind when you hear the word Princess is ‘Cinderella’. Here in the Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge, you are NOT sadly asked to create Cinderella’s magical night with the prince. Rather you have to create the struggling night of her before the magical night. Create sims that represent sim Cinderella’s siblings who always trouble her and make her work all day. And an old mother who isn’t well and can die anytime.

Requirements to complete Cinderella’s Generation-

1) Your sim Cinderella should be a Foodie.

2) She should be busy all day doing house chores like cooking, cleaning, etc.

3) You have to wait now until Cinderella’s mother dies on her own. You can’t kill her.

4) That’s it about Cinderella’s Generation.

3. Tiana

Tiana: Sims 4

Tiana is a Disney Princess who wants to work hard for her better future. On her way to success, you have to create hurdles. Tiana’s father dies when she was small, so to earn her livings she has to work day-night. The story of your Sim Tiana begins when she becomes an adult.

Requirements to complete Tiana’s Generation-

1) Make sure your Sim Tiana is ambitious.

2) Make sure her father dies when she is small.

3) She falls in love with a human who turned into a Frog sim. Make her marry this green-colored sim who represents Frog. That’s all about Tiana’s Generation.

4. Aurora

Aurora: Sims 4

Aurora is a royal princess who never had to worry about anything she was cursed by an evil fairy to die. The sim Aurora is searching for her love despite her strict father.

Requirements to complete Aurora’s Generation-

1) Make sure your sim Aurora is Lazy.

2) She should not have more than 3 Friends.

3) Aurora has to meet her love at night when her parents are off to sleep.
One night your Sim Aurora has to run away with her love and get married.

4) Once your sim is married and has two children your challenge is completed.

5. Anna

Anna: Sims 4

Princess Anna’s love story is a little different. She is in love with her sister and trying to understand her, She is suddenly separated from her beloved sister who she spent her whole childhood with.

Requirements to complete Anna’s Generation-

1) Sim Anna should not meet her sister till she is an adult.

2) Make your sim fall in love with a criminal and get almost killed by his hands.

3) Try and resolve issues with her sister and help her become best friends with her sister again.

4) Once Anna resolves her relationship with her and falls in love with another sim the challenge is complete.

6. Rapunzel

Rapunzel: Sims 4

Rapunzel is also one of the famous princesses of the Disney world. She is in a weird relationship with your mother. Rapunzel’s mother has serious trust issues with the outside world. Because of her this fear of the world she kept Rapunzel locked in a room for years. The story of Rapunzel begins as soon as she becomes a teen.

Requirements to complete Rapunzel’s Generation-

1) The sim Rapunzel must be lonely and an art lover.

2) She should have 8 levels paintings before she turns into a teen.

3) She is not allowed to go anywhere except school.

4) She does not have any friends but she manages to fall in love with a prince and get married to him.

5) Here we come to an end in the Rapunzel Disney Challenge in The Sims 4.

7. Belle

Belle: Sims 4

The Belle is all about her inner beauty. Sim Belle loves spending her time reading books and spend as much time as she can in the library. The story of Belle Starts when she turns into an adult.

Requirements to complete Belle’s Generation-

1) Your Sim Belle should be into books.

2) She shouldn’t be falling in love with anyone because of their looks. Date at least 5 Sims.

3) Find an ugly sim and fall in love with it.

6) Get married to it and have kids. And your partner sim will receive a makeover which will turn it into a handsome sim.

8. Mulan

Mulan: Sims 4

This Princess has a controversial relationship with her parents. She is a princess with a lot of ambitions, she does not just want to get married to a sim that her parents select for her rather her expectations from life are different.

Requirements to complete mulan’s Generation-

1) The sim should be Active.

2) Sim should have a dream to become Astronaut.

3) Start working somewhere and fall in love with your co-worker.

4) Become a successful Astronaut, marry your love and your Mulan Disney Princess Challenge is completed.

9. Jasmine

Jasmine: Sims 4

She is born into a royal family. This sim has got all the luxuries since birth but when it comes to love she does not want a boy from a rich background. She is looking forward to having a simple lifestyle with a simple man.

Requirements to complete Jasmine’s Generation-

1) Sim Jasmine has a best friend called Raja.

2) She should be home until school time.

3) Make your sim Jasmine fall in love with a Poor sim.

4) Get married and have 4 kids and this generation is completed.

10. Merida

Merida: Sims 4

This is the last generation in the Disney Princess Challenge in Sims 4. Basically, this princess plays dumb. She is on a hunt to find the aim of her life as an independent teenager.

Requirements to complete Marida’s Generation-

1) Sim Marida should be self-assured.

2) All her family members die in an accident

3) She has a tragic life, because of which she does not believe in love because she is cursed.

4) Your sim Marida cannot get married and start her family.

Here we come to an end in the Disney Challenge of the Sims 4. To know how you can resize your sims in the game check this article out.