SICO Game Release Date In India, Download APK File, Modes, Maps, & Trailer

Here's everything you need to know about SICO Game.

Post-FAUG, yet another India-made battle royale game like PUBG Mobile is announced. Yes, you read that right! If you are looking for an India-made mobile game similar to PUBG Mobile then SICO would be the best option for you in the future.

There are numerous PUBG Mobile alternatives available on the internet but if you are looking for a game that is specifically made in India then SICO is going to be the best choice for you. In this post, we will break down everything about SICO, including what SICO stands for, its release date, how to download it, will it have TDM or not, and a lot more.

About SICO Game

SICO is nothing but a multiplayer video game, which will be released for both Android and iOS. Developed by Indic Arena, SICO will have multiple maps that are designed around India and has names like Parvata, Warehouse, Mandapa, and Vanam.

If anything to go by the trailer released by the developer, SICO seems to be inspired by Call of Duty Mobile. Similar to PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, SICO will have multiple modes such as Death Match, Domination, and Team Vs Team Mode.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, 100 players will be able to play in a single match and it is your aim to emerge as the only survivor.

What SICO Stands For?

The name SICO stands for “Special Insurgency Counter Operations”. Those who love playing PUBG Mobile would surely love SICO when it releases in India and across the world.

SICO Game Release Date: When Will It Release In India?

Special Insurgency Counter Operations (SICO) is currently under development. The developer of the game has not announced the SICO India release date as of yet. As soon as they make any official announcement regarding SICO game release date, we will update this section.

They might not have announced the release date yet but pre-order registration of SICO has already begun.

SICO Game Modes: Will SICO Have TDM?

As we have already mentioned above, SICO will have multiple modes in it. Making your work a lot easier, we have enlisted all SICO modes here.

  • Free For All
  • Gun Race
  • Team Death Match
  • Multiple Team Death Match
  • Domination


There are only four SICO maps that have been announced as of now. As soon as more maps are announced, we will update this section.

  • War House
  • Vanam
  • Mandapa
  • Parvata

SICO Map Teaser

As everyone is waiting for the release date of SICO, the developer of the game dropped the teaser of its map called, VANAM. There are millions of battle-royale fans who have been desperately waiting to play SICO as it depicts the culture of our beautiful nation, INDIA.

If you have not watched the teaser of the VANAM map then you can watch it here. The video showcases numerous locations on this particular map.

How To Download SICO Game APK File?

As we have already mentioned above, pre-registration for SICO has already started for Android on Google Play Store. To Download the SICO game on Android, here are few simple steps that you will need to follow.

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search for ‘SICO Game’
  • Tap on ‘Pre Register‘.
  • When you do so, a message will pop up on the screen that says “We’ll notify you when this game is released.”
  • You simply need to tap on Install When Available. When you do so, the game will automatically start installing when SICO is released on Play Store.

Top SICO Game Features

  • Classic mode with up to 100 real players
  • Voice chat with friends to make strategies for the fights
  • Uncountable missions to complete in solo mode
  • Unique Gun race mode

Will SICO Game Have Solo Campaign Mode?

Yes, the SICO game will have a campaign mode. Apart from the above-mentioned modes, Players will be able to enjoy a solo campaign mode in this game.

That’s all you need to know about the SICO game.