Where To Search For Eggs In The Sims Freeplay Chocolate Egg Chase

Here is how you can find Eggs in the Chocolate Egg Chase event of The Sims Freeplay.

Search For Eggs is a recurring task of The Sims Freeplay Chocolate Egg Chase event. The quest appears in all four parts of the challenge. And some players are having difficulty completing this task. If you are finding it a little confusing too. Then read till the end and learn all you need to do to complete this task and advance faster.

Chocolate Egg Chase Quest Search for Eggs – The Sims Freeplay

Search For Eggs Sims Freeplay

Players need to tap on any household item and choose Search for Eggs to complete this task of The Sims Freeplay Chocolate Egg Chase quest. Players are recommended to use a three-star object and inspired Sim for completing this task. A combination of both these ensures faster task completion. As well as increases your chance of finishing all the event tasks in time.

The Chocolate Egg Chase event is divided into four parts. Part one’s eleventh task is to Search for Eggs. After completing this task, you only need to finish one more task to complete part 1 of the event. And you will receive Comfortable Pajamas for Adults as a reward.

The second part rewards the Infant pajamas. If you are looking for this adorable infant wear. Then you have to complete the mentioned task with 3 sims here. As you need to find 3 eggs in part two of the quest. It is the sixth task that appears after Watch Springtime Shows. So make sure you have three free Sims by the time the previous one ends.

In the third part, you get pajamas for teens and the elderly. And Search for Eggs is the last task of this part. Here you need to search for six eggs, so make sure your Sims are ready by the time you finish the second last task, Say You’re Ready.

The fourth part of this challenge only has five tasks. And Search for Eggs is the biggest among all of them. It requires you to find 10 eggs. And only 3 Sims can be used for this. Thus, inspire your Sim and use the three-star object for this part.

This is all you need to know on task Search for Eggs of Chocolate Egg Chase in The Sims Freeplay. If this guide was informative to you, skim through our other articles and read similar guides. Such as Egg Hunter’s Case and how to start a professional shift.