How To Fix Sea Of Thieves Bronzebeard Error In 2022?

Here's quick guide on how to fix Bronzebeard error in Sea of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves is arguably one of the most popular first-person action-adventure games developed by Rare. It has been more than three years since it was first launched but players still encounter numerous errors while playing the game.

The error that Sea of Thieves players is currently facing is Bronzebeard, restricting players to go online and play the game. Notably, this is not the first when Sea Of Thieves players had to face this error while playing the game online.

Earlier, Sea Of Thieves players had faced the same issue when the game was launched way back in 2018. If you are having Bronzebeard error in Sea Of Thieves then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

How To Fix The Bronzebeard Error In Sea Of Thieves

Majority of Sea Of Thieves players encounter Bronzebeard error when they try to boot up the game or they try to set sail. Whenever you face this error, it would not let you connect to the game.

Irrespective of whether you are playing Sea Of Thieves on PC or Console, fixing Bronzebeard error is straightforward. To fix this error, you simply need to quit the game completely.

If you are playing the game on Console, you will have to press the Xbox One’s Guide button on your controller, highlight Sea of Theieves and then hit the Menu button, and then select ‘Quit’.

Doing this will quit Sea of Theieves. Once closed, you can restart the game and attempt to log in again.

If you are playing SOT on PC, log out of the game and quit to desktop. Once the game is closed, restart it and try signing in again. If you are still facing the same issue then I advise you to reboot the full system.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard error.