Scum Console Commands & Cheats List (2022)

Use the following admin commands and get weapons, food, or unlock hidden items in Scum in no time.

It has been more than two years since Scum was officially released but there are thousands of fans who still love playing it. The only reason why tons of fans still love Scum is it has Console Commands and cheats that double the fun.

Irrespective of whether you are playing Scum on a private server or in single players, the following Console Commands and cheats will surely help you a lot. With the help of these commands, players can get themselves teleported to any location around the map and can obtain a powerful weapon and Fame Points.

The only reason why tons of players prefer to use Admin Console Commands in Scum is it is pretty easy and saves a lot of their time. If you know how to use these commands, you can easily get your prisoner equipped with powerful weapons, clothes, food, and more locked content.

The biggest advantage of using Scum Console Commands is it lets you ban or kick miscreant players out in no time where you are playing the game on a private server. In this post, we will not only share with you all Scum Console Commands but also explain how to make use of them.

How Do I Use Scum Admin Commands?

It is super easy to enter admin Console Commands, making it a lot easier to get your hands on the desired item. To use Scum admin commands, you simply need to hit the T button to bring up the text chat box, put in a hashtag, and then enter the command string followed by the desired item ID.

For better understanding, let’s take an example. If you want to get an MP5, you will have to hit T and enter #Spawnitem bd_weapon_mp5 followed by the Enter key. You will need to hit the TAB button to spot the item on the nearby floor.

Scum Admin Commands

There are plenty of Admin commands that you can enter in Scum. We have compiled a list of all commands and what they do in the game.


  • Provides a full list of Scum admin commands, in case you forget something


  • Lists all players in the server, which is useful for the next couple of commands


  • Kicks a specific player from your server
    #kick playername


  • Permanently bans a specific player from your server
    #ban playername


  • Gives you the exact location of a specific player
    #location playername


  • Provides a list of all assets in the game, can be filtered to find particular items
    #listassets wood


  • Spawns a select number of a specific item right in front of you
    #spawnitem cal_9mm


  • Spawns a specific NPC, animal, or type of puppet directly in front of you
    #spawncharacter bp_cow2


  • Teleports you to the desired coordinates
    #teleport 143,1222,1333


  • Teleports you to a specific character
    #teleport playername


  • Sets your Fame Points to the value given
    #setfamepoints 400 playername

SCUM Cheats

Apart from the above-mentioned Console Commands, players can also use a bunch of cheats in Scum. If you don’t what these cheats are and what they do when entered then keep reading this post.

  • #SetGodMode (True/False) – It will enable and disable God mode
  • #SetFamePoints (Value) (Player) – It sets the specified player’s Fame Points to the specified value
  • #SetFamePointsToAll (Value) – It sets online and offline players’ Fame Points to the specified value
  • #SetFamePointsToAllOnline (Value) – It sets online players’ Fame Points to the specified value
  • #Ban (SteamID64) – It will ban the specified player from the server
  • #Unban (SteamID64) – It will unban the specified players
  • #Kick (Player) – It will kick the specified player from the server
  • #Mute (Player) – It will block the specified player from chatting to others on the server
  • #UnMute (Player) – It will unmute the specified player
  • #ListMutedPlayers – It will lists muted players
  • #DestroyVehicle (VehicleID) – It will destroy the specified vehicle
  • #ListSpawnedVehicles – It will shows you the list of vehicles on the server as well as their locations
  • #SpawnRandomAnimal – It spawns a random animal
  • #SpawnAnimal (ID) (Number) – It spawns a specified animal in specified amount.
  • #ListAnimals – It will list all animals that can be spawned
  • #SpawnItem (ID) (Count) – It spawns a specified item in the specified amount
  • #ListItems – It will list all items that can be spawned
  • #SpawnVehicle (ID) – It will spawn the specified vehicle
  • #SpawnRandomZombie – It will spawn a random zombie
  • #SpawnZombie (ID) (Count) – It will spawn the specified zombie in the specified amount
  • #Teleport (X) (Y) (Z) – It will teleport you to specified coordinates
  • #Teleport (X) (Y) (Z) (Player) – It will teleport the specified player to specified coordinates
  • #SetTime (0-24) – It sets time of day to specified hour

That’s everything you need to know about Scum Console Commands and cheats.