How To Save Game & Log Out/Exit Tower Of Fantasy

Here's how to ensure that your progress is saved and then log out of Tower of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy is gaining quite a bit of popularity due to its immersive story and interesting gameplay. You will have to play a lot to keep progressing because it is a massive game. But when you are done playing for the day, you will need to save game and log out/exit Tower Of Fantasy properly, so that you don’t lose progress. Here’s how to do it easily.

How to Save Game in Tower Of Fantasy

The game autosaves at regular intervals, so you don’t have to worry about losing progress if you decide to quit (but with some conditions). Keep in mind that if you are mid-fight in a specific location and decide to close the game, you may not be able to continue from where you left off. You will respawn at another location. There is no manual save option in the game, so players can’t load up a previous checkpoint and continue. Hence, it’s recommended that you finish the section of the game you are playing and then exit, so that you are not surprised when you launch Tower Of Fantasy the next.

How to Log Out or Exit ToF

Follow these steps to exit the game.

how to log out exit tower of fantasy

  • In the Pause menu, tap on the button at the top right section of the screen.
  • Next, tap on Settings.
  • Under Basic, find the option to Switch Accounts.
  • This will reveal a notification which asks you if you really want to log out.
  • Confirm this action by clicking on OK.
  • You will be logged out from the game instantly.

That’s how to save your game progress and how to exit Tower of Fantasy safely. If you’d like to change voice language settings and fix the parental consent error in ToF, we’ve got just the guides for you. Find more in our dedicated guides for this game.