How To Save Progress In Palia – Is It Auto Or Manual?

Not sure how the Palia save game system works? Read along to find out if it's auto or manual.

Palia is a fantasy world where humans are the legendary race. After you are greeted by the Jina on your arrival, you start learning your way around here. Fishing, Hunting, Cooking, Bug Catching, Foraging, and other skills you discover take their sweet time to progress. Some villagers of the Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay are associated with these skills. Due to this, while progressing their friendship level and increasing skill level, you will unlock and finish many side quests. After putting in so much effort, you would want to save the progress in Palia.

However, no matter where you search, from Settings to your home plot, you cannot find a way to save it. No, you are not missing anything, rather the system is different from many other similar genre games. To understand it better, you should scroll down and read this guide.

Do You Have to Save Game Progress in Palia?

Do You Have to Save Game Progress in Palia
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Palia uses an autosave system, where so far there are no save or load slots. As I progressed through the game, I found several quests and interactions with choices. It is not certain, but there is a possibility that they didn’t let you have load slots so that you cannot replay the same quest and try out the different consequences.

For instance, there is a quest where you get an option to give a unique item to one of the four villagers. Each one gives different rewards, from Gold to consumables and even bugs. Additionally, depending on the dialogue you select, the reward amount will change for some of them.

What to Do When the Game is Not Saving

If your game crashes and forces you to restart, then it might not save your progress every time. To ensure that doesn’t happen, first, go to the official page and check to see if your PC meets its system requirements. If it does and you are still facing issues, then press Esc while inside the Palia. Go to the Settings and lower your Graphics. Save the changes and restart the launcher to check if the problem has been resolved.

When you spawn to a different place than where you quit, it is better to go to the house plot and then use the exit. This might not work for everyone, but by doing this, your progress usually doesn’t get reverted. However, if even that doesn’t help, you should contact Support and submit the request.

Hopefully, this helped you understand how to save game in Palia. If it did, then don’t forget to check other topics through the dedicated section.