Does Rust Support Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

Rust Console edition was recently released. Let's see if Rust has Cross Platform multiplayer and if PC players can play with Console players.

Rust gives you the thrill of multiplayer with the scares of a survival game, which makes a unique experience. This is why since its release in 2018 the game has been able to build a dedicated fanbase. Recently in Jan 2021 Rust was released on both Xbox and Play station and since then the speculations around Cross-Platform are doing the rounds. Let’s see if Rust supports crossplay among PC players and console players.

Does Rust Have Crossplay?

rust cross platform
We hate to disappoint fans but No, Rust doesn’t support cross-platform multiplayer. Rust was released on Windows and Mac in 2018 and it amassed a good fanbase. There were speculations regarding the console release date but that didn’t happen anytime soon. Being released on console in 2021, 3 years after the original release seemed a bit too late for the game. The developers have also stated that they will be treating Rust PC and Rust on the console as two separate entities. This hint was enough for players to speculate that it won’t support cross-play or cross-platform play which got concrete after the release of the console version.

Nonetheless, the Rust community has grown multiple folds since the release console edition. This is a good sign, given that if the game does well the developers can integrate a cross-play or cross-platform play option soon in the game.

How To Play Multiplayer On Rust?

There are multiple ways PC and Console players can play Rust multiplayer. Private servers are one of the most preferred ways but they might be an expensive option. In case players don’t want to spend that much they can always use the Rust official server. Given how the game is booming on steam players should expect higher queue times than regular.

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