Rummy Cash Games vs Tournaments: Which one should you play this weekend?

Read below a detailed guide to help you with choose between cash games or tournaments

Do you find it difficult to choose the best sportsman from your list of favourite players? You do find yourself in a pool of dilemma, right? Well! Well! Well! it is equally an exasperating choice to make when a Rummy player is asked to choose between Cash games and tournaments. Both the formats encompass their own pros and cons after all.

Now, let us highlight the features of each of both cash games and tournaments and see how both the formats surpass each other, although the rules continue to remain almost the same.


Are you busy 24*7 or having a dull weekend?

If you are busy around the clock too, then tournament is not something which you should opt for. The best choice then stands to play cash games for real money. The tournaments begin at a specific time and so you need to wrap up your work by then to start playing them.

May be, weekends can rush to your rescue since RummyCircle offer many fun-filled tournaments during Saturdays and Sundays. Else, a cash game is the best option for you to make as you can play it at your convenience. So, how to weigh pros and cons here?


While a tournament stands instrumental only to people who do not have to worry about being burdened with work always, cash games are easy to play for anyone. Playing tournaments help you to inculcate good virtues like punctuality and sincerity without which you are sure to miss the bus.

Possess Patience And Endurance?

Just because you have control over your time, simply does not imply that playing tournaments is a piece of cake for you. Are you someone who doesn’t lose their calm when getting stuck for hours? Are you someone who is does not mind waiting for your bus since forever?  Well, then playing tournaments is something which will come easy to you!


Pros and cons: Just because you have the liberty to end your rummy game at your convenience, does not make cash games automatically advantageous in comparison to the tournaments. At hindsight, it may sound perfect. But one thing is that as a tournament player, as you cannot afford to make errors, you tend to make headway for great skills when compared to a cash game player since you can leave the table any time.

Want to break the monotony?

Every tournament will have something new and so if you are unhappy with the mundanities of your everyday life, it is better for you to play it rather than cash games.


However, it will not be correct to dismiss cash games as dull and reprove it compared to tournaments. There is an adage that goes “Jack of all trades is master of none.” So, when you try your hands at variety of tournaments, you fail to master at any one of them. On the other hand, since all the cash games are similar, you can master them by keep playing them regularly.

The ball is in your court now. So which one do you think you can play this weekend? Let us know!


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