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Royal Match: How To Obtain Hearts Or Get Lives

Is there a way to earn extra hearts in Royal Match? Find out by reading this guide.

Have you gotten stuck on one puzzle and lost all your hearts? But still wish to continue because you are sure that you will not fail this time. Then read this guide on how to get lives or hearts in Royal Match. And continue playing this match-3 adventure game. Protect the king, decorate the castle, and race for events like the King’s Cup.

How to Get Lives in Royal Match – Earn Hearts

Get Lives In Royal Match

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There are several ways of replenishing lives in Royal Match. You can wait for 30 minutes, request hearts from teammates, spend coins, and use Royal Pass to refill your energy. Keep reading to learn about these methods in detail.

Time Refill

If you wait for some time, your hearts will recover and replenish. To be precise, you receive one heart every 30 minutes. And you can get a maximum of 5 lives this way. Use them wisely and win this round for more decorative items and other rewards, including lives in Royal Match.

Request Lives From Teammates

If you are part of any group. Then you can ask them for hearts. Five team members can send help for one request. And they do it by pressing the Help button on the team chat. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to reach a certain level to join a group.

Spend Coins to Get Lives in Royal Match

Coins are obtained from various sources, like Area Chest, as bonus level rewards, with remaining moves and events. And this in-game currency has multiple uses. You can purchase extra moves, lives, boosters, and power-ups. So spend some coins and resume your journey.

Royal Pass

It is a time-limited event that gives various ranges of rewards, from keys to coins. You receive exclusive bonuses and free and special rewards with increased lives. The maximum amount of heart also increases from 5 to 8 during the event. But you have to be at level 37 or above and purchase these passes for mentioned benefits. And it will last for one event.

These were all the methods to obtain or get lives in Royal Match. While you are here, skim through our site and read other match-3 guides, like how to restart the game and get Super Propeller.