Titles In Rocket League Sideswipe: How To Get

If you're not familiar with the requirements to unlock Titles in Rocket League Sideswipe, then here's all you need to know about it.

Just like you, many players are after unlocking the Titles in Rocket League Sideswipe. It makes the player’s profile stand out from the crowd whenever they score a goal in the game. The titles are purely cosmetic and grant no additional buffs, but they can surely make an impression on the opponent. However, they are not obtained that easily and sometimes depend on your luck. But if you are looking forward to unlocking it at any cost, then we’ll help you with the requirements.

How to Unlock All Titles in Rocket League Sideswipe

How to Unlock All Titles in Rocket League Sideswipe Steps To Obtain Every Title
Source Image: EJU-BU

In Rocket League (RL) Sideswipe Titles can be obtained in various ways. Such as Vanity Presents, Rocket Pass Presents, Season Reward, and more. However, there are also some unobtainable Premium Titles only given to a few people. For your reference, below we have mentioned all of them including their obtainment requirements.

List of Titles  How to Obtain
ALPHA BRONZE Alpha Ranked Reward
ALPHA SILVER Alpha Ranked Reward
PRE-SEASON DIAMOND Pre-Season Ranked Reward
BIG BOOM Mystery Item
HERO Mystery Item
PRIME CUT Vanity Present
PRE-SEASON CHAMPION Pre-Season Ranked Reward
ALPHA GOLD Alpha Ranked Reward
ALPHA PLATINUM Alpha Ranked Reward
SIDESWIPER Vanity Present
ALPHA DIAMOND Alpha Ranked Reward
ALPHA CHAMPION Alpha Ranked Reward
PRE-SEASON BRONZE Pre-Season Ranked Reward
PRE-SEASON GOLD Pre-Season Ranked Reward
PRE-SEASON PLATINUM Pre-Season Ranked Reward
PRE-SEASON SILVER Pre-Season Ranked Reward
SURE STRIKER Vanity Present
TECHNICIAN Rocket Pass Presents
S# SILVER Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
EXTRA ORDINARY Llama-Rama Event Reward
POCKET LEAGUE MASTER Completed Collections Reward
PARTY ON! Birthday Bash Event Reward
S# CHAMPION Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
SHOWBOAT Rocket Pass Presents
20XX 2RBO 2SDAY S2 Release Login Reward
S# GRAND CHAMPION Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
S# BRONZE Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
S# GOLD Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
ARTFUL DODGER Vanity Present
NEW BLOOD Vanity Present
S# PLATINUM Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
MODERATOR Given to r/RLSideswipe moderators
S# DIAMOND Season Duel/Doubles Ranked Reward
DEVELOPER Given to Psyonix employees
FIRST STREAMER Given to EJU-BU for being the first RL Sideswipe streamer

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That sums up all about the all Rocket League Sideswipe Titles and how you can unlock each of them. If you’re new to the game then check out how to perform Gold Shot easily. Also, take a look at the Rocket League Sideswipe Codes to get free in-game rewards.