All The Bosses in Remnant From The Ashes

The following is a list of all the bosses in Remnant: From The Ashes, along with their attack style and reward offers.

To be blunt, playing Remnant: From the Ashes, a third-person survival action shooter takes a lot of guts. You must be a true gamer ready to take on the post-apocalyptic universe populated with deadly inhuman beings.

You will face extreme difficulties because you are the only remnants of humanity on a journey to dominate, restore, and reclaim what has been destroyed. You’ll have to fight back armies of ruthless enemies and bosses.

In these situations, having a thorough understanding of the enemies is essential for devising the right strategy. As a result, the following list of bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes is created for your convenience.

Remnant: From The Ashes – All Bosses

Remnant: From the Ashes features two boss categories namely, main & dungeon. There’s no other way of leveling up than defeating the main bosses while dungeons are mini-bosses. Since the game features several maps each with different gameplay you will not come across all but some bosses in the game.

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The online mode, on the other hand, is the best if you want to kill all of the bosses in the first runtime. Besides that, when you join another world, you have the chance to defeat others you didn’t encounter on your own map. Check out the below table and see which bosses houses in the Remnant: From The Ashes.

Bosses Attack  Rewards
Gorefist Vertical Horizontal 3 Combo Hit Charge & Slash Reinforcements  – Flash Barb
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
472 scraps
Singe Fireball Shot Dragon Breathe Leap 3 Hit Combo Air Attack  – Blazing Heart
900 scraps
Dragon Links – When Tail Is Cut Off
Lumenite Crystal (x5)
Brabus Fires /Shoots Calls Backups Take Cover Counts  –  –  – Shrapnel Shard
Bandit Set (In Exchange For Pocket Watch)
1600 scraps
Lumenite Crystal (x6)
The Root Monster Weapons Explosive Arrows  –  –  –  – 660 scraps
Mother’s Blessing (Trait)
The Root Mother joins Ward 13
Scourge Claws Beehives On His Head Rumble Swarm Attacks  –  – Radioactive Skull
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
600 scraps
Undying King SumSummon Golem Summon Orbs Swords Attacks Summons Reinforcements Meditation  – The Undying Heart
The Labyrinth Key
Kingslayer Trait
2125 scraps
Claviger Protective Shield Fire Electricity Orbs Radiation Ray Arena Rotation Spawn Adds  – Stone of the Guardian
Void Silver
Howling Key
Lumenite Crystal (x5)
1,012 scraps
Recovery Trait
Maul Howl & Summon Ads Charge Houndmaster’s Shot  –  –  – Control Rod
Hound Choker
562 scraps
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
Ancient Construnct Summon Turrets Radiation Strikes Charge Single Attack  –  – Ancient Core
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
465 scarps
The Unclean One Weapon Leap Hammer Strike Charge Horizontal Attack Hammer Throw Whirlwind Unclean Heart
Lumenite Crystal (x5)
1,050 scraps
Ixillis XV Horizontal Slash Verticle Slash Corrosive Bomb Lightning Orbs Weapon Beem Banshee Scream Guardian’s Heart
Hivestone (When 3rd Phase triggers)
Guardian Tentacle (When both Ixillis killed at same time)
1,087 scarps
The Thrall Corrosive Sting Corrosion Cloud Teleport Corrosive Bombardment  –  – Swarm Tusk
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
652 scarps
The Ravager Charge Escapes & Return With Reinforcements Thunder Strike 3 Hit Combo  –  – Tentacle Pod
Stalker’s Claw (If Lullably Performed corrctly)
Arcane Strike Trait
Lumenite Crystal (x5)
1,162 scraps
Scald and Sear Fireball Scald Fire Shot Sear  –  –  –  – Zephyr’s Conduit
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
697 scarps
Stormcaller Lightning Orbs Lightning Strike  –  –  –  – Storm Crystal
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
787 scraps
Dreamer/Nightmare Volley Spin Tentacle Attack Nightmare Realm  –  – Orb of Undoing
Dreamer’s Mana
2,000 scraps
Mind’s Eye Trait
Root Horror Root Bomb Sprawn Root Ads 3 Hit Combo Root Explosion  –   – Guardian’s Blessing Trait
Lumenite Crystal
675 scraps
Shroud Charged Arrow Teleport Bombardment  –  –  – Shadewood
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
450 scraps
Raze Calling Reinforcements Fire Volley  –  –  –  – Sentinel Shard
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
607 scarps
Shade and Shatter Shot Radioactive Bullet Attack From Close Range Rush 3 Hit Combo Combined Attack Black Tear
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
562 scraps
The Harrow Charge 3 Hit Combo Calls Reinforcements  –  –  – Thermal Geode
Lost Harpoon
Howling Key
Lumenite Crystal (x5)
1012 scraps
Onslaught Teleportation Electric Explosion 3 Hit Combo Quick Blow  –  – Blink Spear Shard
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
1162 scraps
The Ent Stomps Punches Rot projectiles Screams No-Leg Melee Attacks   – Spore gland (when killed without harming legs)
Twisted Heart (legs when harmed)
Lumenite Crystal (x5)
900 scraps
Mangler Calling Reinforcements Roll Attack Jumps & Cuts  –  –  – Hollo Seed
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
540 scraps
Canker Bomb Run Sound Wave Blast Close Range Attack  –  –  – Slime Vesel
Lumenite Crystal (x3)
652 scraps

I hope you can now create your own vicious arsenal for each particular encounter after knowing the attack strategy of each boss in the game.