How To Get Relics In Dislyte

Relics can help increase the stats of an Esper in the game

Dislyte is a stylish urban mythology game. Leveling up and character building are important aspects of the game. Players will need to farm Relics if they want to build a strong team in Dislyte.

Relics are items that can be used to increase the stats of the Espers. Each Relic increases a different stat and players will need multiple Relics to get optimal results in the game. Each Esper can be equipped with up to six Relics at a time. Players wondering how to farm Relics in Dislyte will get their answers here.

How To Find Relics In Dislyte?


Players can farm Relics as rewards for completing game levels as well as events. If players grind their way through the maps, completing story level, Relics will be a common part of the rewards.

However, not all Relics are equal in Dislyte. They come at different levels like Fine, Elite, Superior, and Flawless. The higher the quality of the Relic, the more the Esper will benefit from it.

The Relics that players get in rewards will range from low to mid range in quality. It is rare to get a high level Relic as a reward. Alternatively, players can also buy the Relics at the shops. This option will not be cheap but will allow players to have a greater control over the type of Relic they get. Relics can range from 9K to 20K in the Dislyte Gold Shop.

Players can also get Relics from the Cube Shop as well as the Tournament shop. In addition, players can also participate in the Ritual Miracle trials to get a chance of winning rare Relics in rewards. It is best to at least try for Superior Relics and upgrade them over time to the highest level.

This is all about how players can get Relics in Dislyte. For more Dislyte content, check out Dislyte Error 1002 Fix: Update Check Failed