How To Make A Molotov Cocktail In Project Zomboid?

Molotov Cocktail are used to move large number of group of zombies.

Molotov Cocktail In Project Zomboid is a ranged weapon that can be crafted using two methods. It is very easy to craft and is used to move or destroy a large group of zombies at once.  There are certain ingredients that players have to collect in order to craft Molotov Cocktails. Let us find out the steps and requirements for the same.

Project Zomboid: How To Craft A Molotov Cocktail?


Molotov Cocktail In Project Zomboid

There are two methods to craft or make Molotov Cocktail in Project Zomboid.

Method 1: Bourbon + Ripped Sheets/ Dirty Rag


The first method is by collecting Bourbon and Ripped Sheets or Dirty Rag. Bourbons are previously known as Whisky bottles in Project and you can find them during loots in houses, offices, or in bars.  The second ingredient is either Ripped Sheets or Dirty rags. Find and collect any piece of cloth to use as a Ripped sheet or get a rag from hoses during your loot. Once you gather all these ingredients go to the crafting menu to get your Molotov Cocktail.

This method is a very easy method that requires only two ingredients but it will give you only one Molotov Cocktail. Check out the second method to get more Molotov Cocktails in Project Zomboid.

Method 2: Empty Bottle + Gas can + Dirty Rag/ Ripped Sheets


Another method to make craft a Molotov Cocktail is by collecting an empty bottle (Wine/Water/Whisky), a Gas can, and Ripped Sheets or Dirty rags. Empty bottles can be found in houses during loots, on corpses, or in the bins. Go to the gas or fuel station to get the Gas can and you can find the sheets or rags from the houses as mentioned earlier.

This is everything you need to about how to make a Molotov Cocktail in Project Zomboid.  For more guides on Project Zomboid click on the link and stick around


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